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Debate 101

this is a easy to learn comprehensive debaate presantion

Thomas Childs

on 9 September 2010

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Transcript of Debate 101

Debate 101 VALUE There are many values in debate
Value-a value is an idea that a debater argues is paramount. The contentions in an Lincoln-Douglas case uphold the value. Generally, the debater will present philosophical background to support and explain their value. Common LD Values Equality
Social Contract Theires
Catagorical imperative

What is Lincon Douglas Debate lincon douglas debate commonly known as ld debate is a debate formated around the debates between abraham lincon and stephen douglas it is used all over the country Lincon Douglas Criterion A criterion is a philsophy used
to uphold your value it is a
weighing machanism in the round Common Criterions LD DEBATE TIMES

· 6 minutes for affirmative speech

· 3 minutes for cross-examination

· 7 minutes for negative speech

· 3 minutes for cross-examination

· 4 minutes for first aff. rebuttal

· 6 minutes for negative rebuttal

· 3 minutes for the last aff. rebuttal

· 4 minutes of preparation time
cost benifit analisis
Sides!! The Aff which is the affermative side And the Neg which is the negative or opposing side Contentions 1.
A contention is the the main body of your case and it presents all your evidence 2.
There are three contentions in the aff
and two in the neg 3.
The contentions should present evidence and your own comentary Refreances dictionary.com
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