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Daily Life of a Noble Lord in the Middle Ages

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Victoria Bernard

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Daily Life of a Noble Lord in the Middle Ages

Comparing Life of a Noble Lord with Families These Days Daily Life of Noble Families - Their daily life started at dawn
- They would hear Mass, and would pray.
-Their first meal of the day was breakfast.
- They would pray each time they were going to have a meal. Life of a Woman Noble Families - The job of a woman in the Noble Families was to have children and take care of the household.
-Noble woman had no rights, the property belong to their husbands.
-Noble women could not choose their husband, their father had to choose their husband.
-A woman might be married 4 times in her lifetime, with the father.
- If the father was dead, her oldest son had to choose. If the woman had no son, then it was the church who had to choose her husband or else she would had to enter the convent. Daily Life of a Woman these days - Woman today have the right to own property
-Their job is not only to take care of the household and have children.
- Now days, woman can marry with whoever they want, their father, didn't have to choose. Daily life of a Noble boy and Girl By: Victoria Bernard 7B How The Noble Family Started the Day How Today's Family Start -Wake up early, 6:00 AM
-The first thing in the morning, take a bath and get dressed.
-Breakfast is the first thing in the morning. Daily Life of a Noble Boy - At age 7 boys began to study to become a knight.
- There was also weapon practice -Girls did not go to school.
-Instead they were thought by their mother how to take control of the household and how to behave. Daily Life of a Boy and Girl These Days -Both girls and boys goes to school
-They are thought everything that they need to know. - In the afternoon, life of a Noble would be turned into hunting, hawking or inspecting the estate. Daily Life of Noble People Daily Life of Modern Day People - The dad and the mom mostly works the whole day, they come back sometimes early in the night or late in the night -Evening prayers and then supper in the Hall of Castle or Manor House
-After supper they might be some entertainment- Music, dancing, juggler, acrobats, a jester....
- There would be bed time prayers Daily Life of Today's Families - There are no prayers in the Hall of Castle or Manor House
- After supper children goes to their room Sources L.K., Alchin. "Daily Life of a Noble Lord in the Middle Ages." The Middle Ages. N.p.. Web. 17 Nov 2012. <http://middle-ages.org.uk/daily-life-noble-lord-middle-ages.htm>. Donn, Don. "Life of the Nobility Kings, Lords, Ladies, Knights ." The Middle Ages for Kids. Lin & Don Donn . Web. 17 Nov 2012. <http://medievaleurope.mrdonn.org/nobility.html>.
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