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Junaid Attar

on 30 January 2013

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Q & A http://www.pmi.com/marketpages/pages/market_en_pk.aspx
http://www.scribd.com/doc/58551539/Philip-Morris-Pakistan-Limited-Final-Slides SOURCES OF INFORMATION Pakistan Tobacco Company is the MARKET LEADER with more than 50% market share. And its most favorite brand is Gold Leaf which is the most preferred cigarette in urban areas of Pakistan Competitive Positioning Adoption process of both brands is also same, as people are aware of both the products and most of them in urban areas are even aware of its harm. Smokers can smoke during anytime of the day, so they decide to make full and regular use of the product. ADOPTION PROCESS Consumer buying behavior of both brands is Habitual as most of the people are addicted. CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR As Gold leaf is an old product in market and from last two decades they are the market leader in their class, it is considered that they have reached at maturity stage and currently enjoying highest number of sales and volume. PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE Threats
High level of government regulations and Stop smoking campaigns.
Competitors brand threat i.e. PMI in Pakistan.
Low promotional investments.
Rising taxes
Switching to Discounted brands GOLD LEAF SWOT ANALYSIS (CONT) Opportunity
Growing demand of cigarettes.
They have big market in rural areas.
New attractive packaging to promote their product. GOLD LEAF SWOT ANALYSIS (CONT) Weaknesses
Lower sales and less coverage in rural areas.
Wastage of material in production.
It has the highest market share and highest number of sales in urban areas.
Strong relationships with retailers and Well established brand name and awareness.
Offers good value for money.
Provide easy availability in all areas.
Good distribution channels all over the Pakistan. GOLD LEAF SWOT ANALYSIS PAKISTAN TOBACCO BCG MATRIX 4 regions, covering 17 areas and 200 distributors.
Available on every khoka (pan maker).
Also available is super stores
12 warehouses. GOLD LEAF PLACE Main focus on B2B.

Provide high incentives and gifts to shopkeepers for buying 10 packets of cigarettes.

Direct one to one marketing with customer. GOLD LEAF PROMOTIONS GOLD LEAF
PRICE & PRODCUT Gold Leaf positions themselves as an adventurous brand.
Gold leaf comes in lower premium category.
From few years Gold Leaf started positioning themselves according to customer quality.
Gold leaf is the most preferred cigarette in Pakistan. GOLD LEAF POSITIONING Gold leaf do BTL marketing
Formulate different strategies in order to increase brand awareness and growth.
More focused in retailer marketing i.e. B2B marketing GOLD LEAF Market Strategies
Pakistan Tobacco Company owns more that 50% of Market Share.
At the same time Gold Leaf shares are 14 percent. GOLD LEAF Market Share
The target audience of gold leaf ranges from the age of 18 and above; Mostly 18-30.
Mostly students and upper middle working class. GOLD LEAF TARGET MARKET John Player started a small tobacco selling business in 1877.
The most recognizable cigarette brands in the world.
Gold Leaf is the most favourite cigarette brand in Pakistan.
Declared the largest Urban Brand in Pakistan. GOLD LEAF HISTORY PAKISTAN TOBACCO COMPANY

First Choice for Everyone
Transform Pakistan Tobacco Company to perform responsibly with the speed, flexibility and enterprising spirit of an innovative, consumer focused Company VISION AND MISSION STATEMENT Cigarettes are also considered as FMCG product.
Two top leading cigarettes companies in Pakistan are:
Philip Morris Limited & Pakistan Tobacco Company FMCG INDUSTRY Marketing analysis
of Gold Leaf Spreading the words to support sensible tobacco regulation.
Youth Smoking Prevention Campaign.
PTC is recognized by it afforestation work and currently plants four million trees per year.
Provided funds during natural disaster. PAKISTAN TOBACCO SOCIAL RESPONSIBILTIES Pakistan Tobacco Company is following DIFFERENTIATION.
PTC Gold leaf believes in Operational Excellence.
Gold leaf is a lower premium brand and affordable. PAKISTAN TOBACCO COMEPTITIVE STRATEGY
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