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Top 10 beautiful cities in the world


Tata Ranneva

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Top 10 beautiful cities in the world

Despite its raging crime rate, this city is still formosa. Bruges, Belgium. Amsterdam, Netherlands. Von del park Venice, Italy. Can't stay still
no longer
Time for me to fly Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Top 10 Beautiful cities in the WORLD Istanbul, Turkey. Softly flutter or sway;
Out there, far away Lisbon, Portugal. Prague, Czech Rep. Florence, Italy. Rome, Italy. I cannot hold back a hug
That is a two edged sword Paris, France. She has not aged a day
She looks as she was new Vltava I have got an artist’s soul
I am like the hole
In the wall
I can see it all The Golden Horn Grand Bazaar Maslak financial district Istiklal Avenue Sultan Ahmed Mosque Dancing house Charles Bridge Golden Lane Prague Castle "And, after having faith, we will succed"
- Lenka Reinerová Uffizi "After we conquer the Mediterranean,
We will make our victory" Fontana del Nettuno Pitti Palace Duomo Cathedral Royal Palace Amsterdam Arena Rijks Museum "Fly free,
until you see the sun" Fontana di Trevi Colisseum Rome Seminar St. Peter's Basilica Piazza de la Republica The peace that the sailor seeks in the storm
And the rest that's the warrior's aim Conclusion
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