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John Hattstrom

No description

Kris Fleigle

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of John Hattstrom

Double click anywhere & add an idea John Hattstrom
Detective Sergeant
Coon Rapids Police Dept. How long have you been a police officer?
25 Years
I Year St. Peter
24 Years Coon Rapids Where did you go to school? Graduated from MN State,
Mankato with a Bachelor's Degree Did you always want to be a police officer? "Not Really."
Went to UMD undecided. What would you do if you weren't a police officer? "not an office person."
Pilot What is your favorite part of the job? Least favorite? Traffic enforcement

Rotating shifts What is your career goal? Become Captain Do you like your co-workers? "Most of them."
Does your job affect your family? Yes. Shift work. What's the most common call you get? Or traffic stop? Domestics

Speeding What's the most memorable call you've been on? "a lot."
suicides Are you in any special units like SWAT, K-9, SRO? Or have you been? K-9
Ran FTO (4 years)
Patrol Sergeant (10 years) Take home squad? "Never." If you could describe what it's like to be a police officer in one or a couple words, what would it be? "Rewarding"
"Boredom," then "Sheer Excitement" Words of wisdom? "Stay out of trouble."
Work on interview skills
Do well in school
"Know what you're getting into"
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