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Where Neela Is From

No description

Neela N

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Where Neela Is From

Where I'm From
I am from instruments,

from Pottery Barn and Danskin tights.

I am from the family photographs and artwork on the walls,

special and sentimental.

The brightest memories of our past

I am from the rose bushes,

the prairie grass

with those blades that have cut me many times throughout

I am from family meals

and Christmas photos.

From a cross-country runner

and a good-heart doctor.

I’m from the bad English and,

the crazy Indian grandparents.

From the “Get good grades!” and

“Don’t destroy the house!”

I am from Diwali and Christmas,

no culture stronger than the other.

I am from Carrom boards and American Girl Dolls,

chicken tikka masala and pizza.

From the big stuffed purple unicorn named “Lila”

to "The Going To Bed Book" of each day’s night.

From the “Teletubies” and “Dragon Tales”,

to seventh grade algebra.

The no worry toddler years now just a dream

as my life swirls around me

asking questions like,

“What will I do?”, “Who will I be?”.

The sweet little memories

of a tiny girl, who asked no questions.

So happy I will be

when I figure out my life ahead of me.
When I get down I think to myself,

Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase!

A poem by: Neela Nallamothu
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