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Increased MicroRNA Activity in Human Cancers

AP Biology Presentation

Helen Meng

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of Increased MicroRNA Activity in Human Cancers

Increased MicroRNA Activity in Human Cancers A Presentation By Helen Meng Figure 1. Distribution of the MiR activity scores for tumor samples (red) and normal samples (blue). Results Methods Introduction infer miRNA activity from gene expression data Discussion Figure 2. Hierarchical clustering of breast cancer sampes by MiR-seed activity scores. MicroRNA MiRNA-RISC Complex MiRABELLE effect of MiRNAs on their target genes MiRNA's biological activity target gene expression levels features of MiRNA regulation not necessarily = ? This approach was made possible by.. Affymetrix summarize gene expression data MiR-Seed MiRNA Family MiRNA Family MiRNA Family + + - MiRABELLE tool MiRNA Targets Predictions Datasets Analyzed Expression data set MiR-seed activity matrix + _ x 158 x 450 pappilary thyroid carcinoma breast cancer and Gene Expression Trends Papillary Thyroid Cancer MiR-Seed Activity MiRNA Activity MiR-seed activity in tumors the top miR-seeds top overexpressed MiRNAs Breast Cancer 77 out of 150 MiRNA seeds micro-RNAs regulate ~ 6,000 genes. the corresponding expression of the target genes proportion of downregulated genes # of target sites to Most Target Sites CPEB CPEB4 CPEB2 CPEB3 CPEB4 PURB G1/S Checkpoint transcription DNA replication tumor suppressors Method breast papillary thyroid gene expression # of miRNA sites # of downregulated miRNA target genes increased targeting of tumor suppressor genes in miRNA activity good for tumors suppressed changes in miRNA activity changes in mRNA levels microRNA Activity Score levels of mRNA transcripts effects on protein translaton most are suppressed at the mRNA and translation levels improved efficiency of the mediators of miRNAs increased biogenesis of miRNAs increased activity of miRNAs “The process of scientific discovery is, in effect, a continual flight from wonder." - albert einstein 3' UTR of the mRNAs 7-mer in the 3' UTR miRNA binding miR-seed at the 5' end stop codon polyA tail recognized sequence Enrichment of down regulated genes with increasing number of miRNA target sites gene gene gene gene gene gene gene gene
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