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Kindergarten Unit of Weather and Seasons

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on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Kindergarten Unit of Weather and Seasons

Kindergarten Unit of Weather and Seasons
by Emily Finnen and Donna Jurinek

Why Weather and Seasons?
Weather and seasons is a pretty common science topic.
Most students understand weather, but struggle with the idea of seasons.
There are not a lot of fun age appropriate experiments or activities out there
Instructional Unit
Designed for kindergarten and integrates into most subjects within the daily classroom activities.
Weather is commonly talked about during calendar time.
Stories (fiction and non-fiction) are used throughout the unit to help student make connections and learn new information and facts.
The unit is regularly tied into writing in the classroom as well.

Example of Unit Change
Getting to Know the Learners
20 Kindergarteners
10 boys and 10 girls
95% Caucasian and 5% African American
2 Students with IEPS
Wide range of abilities
Instructional Unit
The unit composed of 5 weeks of various activities surrounding the topics of weather and seasons.  

Each week a different season is covered and the type of weather seen in the season is addressed.  

By the end of the unit different students will be able to:
Write about each season and their favorite season
Participate in discussions of each season
Graph their favorite season
Describe characteristics of each season
Describe how to dress in each season
Use new weather and seasonal vocabulary words  
Example of Unit Change
Example of Unit Change
Example of Unit Change
Example of Unit Change
Student self assessment rubric for original journal entry
Student self assessment rubric for fixed journal entry
A few extras:
Teacher assessment rubric for both journal entries
Click on the video if you wish to view.
Click on the video if you wish to view.
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