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First 5 Nevada County Community Report 2011/12

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Sandi Hedenland

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of First 5 Nevada County Community Report 2011/12

First 5 Nevada County What can we do in 1 year? Funding Nevada County's Future Connect www.first5nevco.org It is distributed to over 350 people weekly. Through a grant from California Dept. of Public Health, we purchased 41 car and booster seats to give to families in Nevada County. All parents were also instructed on how to properly install their car seats. Promotora Program The Promotora Program provided a cultural and linguistic bridge between 57 latino families and 15 different community resources. 2-1-1 Nevada County received 396 calls from households with children aged 0-5 and connected them to local resources. Engage Family Resource Centers Nevada County Family Resource Centers served 2,214 parents and children 0 to 5 at four different sites in 2011/12. The FRC's offered everything from clothes closets, to parenting classes, to preschool story times. Halloween Book Giveaway Kids' Corner at the Fair Celebrating Families Facebook Strengthen Over 870 babies, toddlers and preschoolers chose a book to take home at the Grass Valley Downtown Association Preschool Trick-or-Treat. The First 5 Nevada County Facebook page contains links, news, ideas for play and learning, as well as notices of upcoming events for families of young children. Foothills Healthy Babies Family Preservation Children's Mental Health Quality Child Care Initiative Substance Abuse Treatment Grow Advocate Baby & Me PAK Scholarships Micro Grants for special
needs children Parent Leadership Conference Community Support Network Community Collaborative of Tahoe Truckee Tahoe Truckee Reads Award First 5 Nevada County Advocates In the final round of mini-grant funding, First 5 Nevada County funded improvements in 13 child care programs based on environmental ratings.

Math curriculum, cultural diversity materials, gardens, and gross-motor opportunities were some of the focuses of mini-grants this year. Foothills Healthy Babies visited 41 stressed families a total of 520 times. Families received support with:
understanding & supporting child development
positive parenting
healthy parent-child interaction Representatives from Welcome Baby welcomed 323 newborns to Nevada County last year. They received a New Parent Kit as well as information on health, safety and local resources. To date, 11 child care facilities have completed an environmental rating scale, made improvements to their programs, and received a Star Rating.
This project has impacted more than 256 children, 402 parents, and 66 child care providers. Children's mental health strengthened parenting practices and helped children touched by trauma. 61 children and 58 parents not otherwise eligible for services received therapy with First 5 dollars. Welcome Baby First 5 Nevada County partnered with multiple local agencies to make a big difference for little children. First 5 Nevada County invested over $561,000 in programs and services to 3,600 parents and children in the 2011/12 fiscal year. Here's what we helped support last year: 2011/12 Community Report CCTT is comprised of 46 health, social service, education and community-based organizations who meet monthly to collaborate, network, share and learn. Community Support Network is comprised of more than 52 health, social service, education and community based organizations who meet monthly to collaborate, network, share and learn. Connect~Engage~Strengthen~Grow~Advocate For it's inaugural year, Celebrating Families was promoted with a flash mob in downtown Grass Valley, drawing attention to city-wide displays on ways to positively engage children. This celebration highlighted family connections and positive interactions throughout the month of April. More than 300 people attended a family festival. First 5 Executive Director, Lindsay Dunckel painted dozens of faces at the Celebrating Families event. Baby and Me served 35 mothers and fathers and 2 grandparents of babies under 1 year old. Parents, ranging from their teens to 40's from all income levels, met weekly with a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) to discuss bonding, child development, and parenting challenges. First5 Nevada County connects families to information, connects parents to resources, and connects agencies and services to one another. First 5 Nevada County engages families with their community and the community with families. First 5 Nevada County strengthens parental resilience, family bonds and the quality of local child care. Toddler & Me First 5 Nevada County grows parenting abilities, knowledge of child development, teaching abilities and parent leadership. First 5 Nevada County advocates for children and families and represents them in the community. Micro Grants from First 5 Nevada County served 14 special needs children and their families. Micro Grants were given for a range of child development enhancements such as gross motor skills classes, transportation to therapies, and in-home therapy equipment. 13 Professional Advancement for Kids (PAK) Scholarships were granted this year to those working with young children in order for them to attend workshops, classes, and conferences that furthered their knowledge and skills. Over 1,100 children under 5 and nearly 1,700 parents and grandparents visited Kids' Corner over five days at the Nevada County Fair for developmentally appropriate activities. First 5 Nevada County sponsored 3 local parents' attendance at the Parent Leadership Conference in Orange County. Participants brought home tools to share locally with the Parent Leadership, Empowerment and Advocacy Group and the Truckee Child Abuse Prevention Council. Toddler & Me provided a group experience for 48 children aged 2-5 and 42 of their parents. Led by an experienced preschool teacher, parents learned ways to engage their toddlers at home that will enhance their readiness for school. First 5 Nevada County 2011/12 Community Report Our website is a go-to spot for parents:
community calendar
links to local resources
articles on parenting and child development
information about all kinds of things from brain development to quality child care. The First 5 e-newsletter contains information about local events as well as the health, safety and development of young children. 132 individuals participated in one or more of the 10 monthly meetings
189 people received weekly e-newsletter
"I learn so much about the local organizations involved and how they work together to support each other and to strengthen our community as a whole." 130 individuals attended at least one meeting
E-bulletin distributed to more than 700 people bi-monthly
"These meetings are critical to know what is happening in the community."
"I feel that every time I come to this meeting, I learn a lot of what other organizations offer." Over 9,000 individual visits were made to the FRCs
Over 3,000 secondary referrals made, after first reason for visit was met
1,133 clothes closet usages
1,631 computer usages
Over 600 parents participated in parenting classes
31 families helped to enroll in health coverage Books in homes = better reading readiness 186 parents follow our page
83% of people in their 20s use social media
67% of people in their 20s use their mobile phones to access social media 92% of families achieved at least one self-selected goal Referrals were made to:
breast feeding help
public health nurse
teen parenting program
100% of parents would recommend the program to other new parents. 44 children 0 to 5 and their high-risk families received intensive support to stay together with improved quality of life. Services included case management, family and child therapy, connections to community supports, parenting education, and mentoring in life-skills. 100% of clients served for at least 6 months made progress on at least one goal in their client plan
91% of children served for at least 6 months showed growth in strengths and reduction in needs (as assessed by the Child and Adolescent Needs Survey [CANS])
75% increase in parents' use of specific praise with children
41% decrease in parents' use of criticisms and commands to children 50 children received high-quality child care while their parents attended out-patient substance abuse treatment through Community Recovery Resources.

All children were screened for health and development issues and appropriate supports and referrals were offered. Mini Grants for
Child Care Parents reported an overall increase of 1.68 points on a 5-point scale in their confidence, knowledge and abilities in parenting, all things we know lead to better child outcomes. The Community Support Network, a collaborative of over 52 organizations, provided community panels on the following pressing issues:

Housing and Homelessness in Nevada County

Community Resources for Special Needs Children and their Families The Community Collaborative of Tahoe Truckee advocated for the needs of families of children 0 to 5 in the following settings:
Truckee Mobility Needs Study
Early learning conversation at Tahoe Truckee Unified School District
Community Health Needs Assessment at Tahoe Forest Hospital
Lake Tahoe Sustainability Collaborative The Tahoe-Truckee community was awarded an All-American City Award for their plan, Tahoe Truckee Reads, that addresses 3rd grade reading proficiency. The whole-community plan includes the early childhood foundations of reading success. letters to the editor and articles in local papers
local radio interviews
annual presentation to the County Board of Supervisors
advocacy letters to legislators on early childhood issues OUR VISION
Nevada County children will thrive because they are valued; they will grow up in nurturing environments that are safe and supportive; they will have access to resources and education; and they will enter school healthy and ready to learn. OUR MISSION
In partnership with the community, First 5 Nevada County creates, fosters and supports programs that promote health, wellness, and child development for children ages 0 to 5 and their parents. Every child took home a book. First 5 Nevada County Commissioners
Holly Hermansen, Chair
Nevada County Superintendent of Schools
Nikki Riley, Vice-Chair
Truckee Representative
Jeffrey S. Brown, MPH, MSW
Director, Nevada County Health and Human Services Agency
Karen Milman, MD, MPH
Public Health Director/Health Officer, Nevada County Public Health Department
Hank Weston
Nevada County Supervisor, District 4

First 5 Nevada County Staff
Lindsay Dunckel, PhD, Executive Director
Sandi Hedenland, Program Assistant
Shannon Pelline, Bookkeeper
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