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WWI Propaganda Presentation

Introduction lecture for WWI Propaganda lesson

Matthew Towle

on 8 December 2010

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Transcript of WWI Propaganda Presentation

3. To raise money for the cause 1. To unite the U.S. behind the Allied powers 2. To encourage enlistment 4. Support at home Why was propaganda used in World War I? -The american population was made up of people from nearly all of the warring countries. -Propaganda was used to
unite everyone behind
one side of the war. -The military is viewed as glorious and honorable to attract as many recruits as possible. -The country would need as much money as it could get to win the war. -War bonds were a good way for a country to collect money on a voluntary basis. -As more and more men were leaving for war, necessary jobs were opening up across the country. Who could fill them? -Women, Children and those unable to fight were encouraged to help in any way they could by: -Preserving food
-Working in factories
-sending material to soldiers -this poster shows us that serbia is
in trouble and desperately needs our help. -Immigrants have traveled to American shores to find liberty for centuries. This poster says it is now their turn to help preserve it. -Soldier ashore on leave, getting the opportunity to explore lands he would not otherwise be able to. -Children, too, were told that they could help the soldiers overseas by farming and gardening -The more food saved at home, the more food for our men overseas. "Gardening is just as real and patriotic an effort as the building of ships or the firing of cannon." -Woodrow Wilson
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