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How does your body digest food?

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on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of How does your body digest food?

How does your body digest a french fry?
The first stop when a french fry is being digested is the mouth.
The mouth starts digestion by first using mechanical breakdown with the teeth. Then chemical breakdown occurs by your saliva's ensyms dissolving the food.
Next, the french fry travels through the esophagus. While it travels through the esophagus the food gets separated from the air so that no food ends in your lungs. Secondly, did you know that it doesn't mater if your upside down, sideways, or straight up your esophagus does its job and gets the food to your stomach. Lastly, the main action your esophagus does is push your food down into your stomach
Now your mic point in your digestive process with the stomach. The stomach firsts curns or mixes the food around, then chemical digestion comes in by breaking down the food with hydrochloric acid.
The fourth step in the digestion of a french fry is the small intestine. First in the small intestine chemical digestion continues and nutrients are absorbed. Also in this process the liver, gall bladder, and pancreas work together to seccert bile ans ensyms that help further breakdown nutrients so they can be more easily absorbed in the blood stream
last stop in the digestion of a french fry is the large intestine. the large intestine first absorbtion continues and wastes is separated and excited through the rectum
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