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Climate Mind Map

No description

Audrey Kim

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Climate Mind Map

Climate Carbon Cycle Water Cycle Atmosphere Ocean Trophosphere Stratosphere Mesophere Thermosphere Exosphere acid+base= acid The ocean can adopt Co2 in millions of years but cannot adjust in a sentury-decade. hole in ozone Co2=0.03% Nitrogen= 78% o2=21% Trees breath in Co2 and breaths out o2 Water has 3 phases. Solid Liquid Gas Will break shells of other sea animals. Will harm food chain. 25% of carbon on earth goes to the ocean. Most of earth is water. Carbon traps heat. Carbon is good but it is not good when there is too much it is bad. Ice is melting. There is to much right now, and we need to solve it!! Humans are cutting trees which is breaking the cycle. Water evaporates and goes up
to the clouds. When the clouds get to heavy,
it condensates. Water cycles around the ocean. When it cycles the top, it goes fast. When it cycles the bottom, it goes slow. Cold Water Hot Water
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