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Frida Kahlo

No description

Jennifer Chavez

on 7 October 2016

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Transcript of Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo
The Secret Book of Frida Kahlo
By: F. G. Haghenbeck

Jennifer Chavez
Eng2, Per.2
December 3 2014

Bus accident
nanny took care of her; cried when she heard the news
her parents didn't shed a tear
into sports
ran differently
kids picked on her and called her "peg leg" or Pata de Palo
being bullied ruined her self confidence
age of 6
age 18
spinal column broke in 3 pieces
clavicle, ribs ,hips broken
right leg broke in 11 places
her sister Mati visited her at the hospital & would bring her comfort food
Alejandro visited; when he stopped visiting she would love letters to him
Alejandro Gomez Arias
boyfriend of Frida
broke up with her while she was recovering from accident because she cheated on him
kissed a few of his friends
This was the last straw for Frida; she went through a lot everything was hitting her at once
took her pain out in painting that's when she painted her self-portrait
Born on July 6th 1907 in Coyoacan, Mexico City
Guillermo Kahlo and Matilde Calderon y Gonzalez
Nursemaid/Nanny took care of her and protected her
Matilde didn't care for Frida
felt horrible when she got back home
father locked himself in room; friends wouldn't visit because she lived far
Her mother was being irritable
But she was glad to make it back home
When she came back home
Alejandro Gomez Arias
" I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best."
Tina Assunta Adelaide Luiga Modotti Mondini

met her at the age of 20
she was a photographer
all the women Frida had ever known seemed like peasant girls trying to pass as modern women
part goddess part desire; Tina was life itself
social justice
world revolution & were active militants in Mexican Communist Party
friendship soon became attraction
claimed her as her soul mate
Tina introduced her to a whole new world & properly introduced her to Diego Rivera
Tina and Frida
Where She Lived
lived in Coyoacan in her parents home called La Casa Azul ( The Blue House) located in Mexico City
Frida was born and raised in Coyoacan
She moved to San Francisco, New York & Detroit with Diego to paint murals
Guillermo Kahlo & Matilde Calderon y Gonzalez
her mother didn't care for her
even refused to feed her
wasn't close to Frida as much as her father was
set rules and ran the household
Matilde Kahlo
Frida helped her run away
really good and strong sister bond
she was the oldest
only sister who visited her in the hospital
Matilde was always there to comfort Frida especially from recovering from her accident
Adriana Kahlo
the first of immediate family to be put on a canvas
one of the oldest
Cristina Kahlo
Cristina became Diego's assistant
Diego cheated on Frida with Cristina
visited her a lot when Frida was dying
saw Frida as his son
Frida was his favorite child
showed more affection to Frida than her mother
inspired her to enter the art world
Marriage Partners
Diego Rivera
first met when she was an art student and wanted to watch him paint
they met again at a party from Tina & Frida asked for his opinion on her paintings
Diego left his wife for Frida and got married in 1929
she was 22 and Diego was 42; Frida's mother disapproved of the marriage
They had problems with his ex-wife Lupe
they both had affairs
divorced in 1939 but remarried a year later
he encouraged her art work
Major Accomplishments
in 1922 she entered National Preparatory School, great educational institution in Mexico; all girls school. She was one of the 35 girls picked out of two thousand girls
first solo exhibition in Mexico in 1953
143 paintings, 55 were self-portraits
did not sell many paintings in her lifetime, but today her paintings rage around 5 million and up.
her paintings earn more money than any other female artist
In 1938 4 of her paintings were showcased at the Galeria de Arte, National Autonomous University of Mexico; later purchased by actor & art collector Edward G. Robinson paid $200 for each
1946 she received the National Prize of Arts and Sciences by the Ministry of Education
she had several miscarriges; she painted Miscarrige in Detroit, her first truly penetrating self-portrait
therapeutic abortions
she had to deal with going to the hospital a lot even after her big accident because of many injuries due to the accident; had body casts
her mother didn't show affection
Later Life
she stayed active in politics;
returned to being hospitalized for two months
she didn't let her health be in the way of being an active communist
taught students about art; she poured all the love that she'd been unable to give to her own child
taught them techniques and self-discipline
had an at home nurse
her sister Cristina would visit her and comfort her
died on July 13th, 1954
died by a pulmonary embolism
the coffin went up and down the streets of Mexico City
she was incinerated
died in her own home in La Casa Azul
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