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Art and Your Brain

Why art is important for your brain

Jenna Draine

on 13 January 2017

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Transcript of Art and Your Brain

Art and Your Brain
What do you know
about your brain?
Parts of your Brain
Who do we probably consider
as the smartest historical figure?
Each half of
the brain controls
half of the body
Your brain weighs 3 lbs =
2 dozen Krispy Cream Donuts
Your Brain's Texture is the consistency of soft butter.
Your Brain is a muscle so when you think you actually are burning calories!
Logical Side
Sees abstract things in order, likes to categorize.
Creative Side
Sees things as a whole.
Solve the Equation
Right Side of your
Brain - Emotion!
Left Side of Your Brain!- Logical
+ 6

What is your reaction
when you see this?
Left side of your Brain
Hears Words
"Yes, I'm going to school."
Right side of your Brain
Feels Words
"Yes, I'm
Raise your right hand.
Controlled by the
Left Side of your Brain!
Look to your left.
Controlled by the
Right Side of your Brain!
Scientists have studied Einstein’s brain
(which is right at this moment cut up
into about 240 pieces) and have
found some differences but...
Albert Einstein
Einstein himself did NOT credit his greatest scientific insights to his left-brain logic but rather to right-brain highly creative daydreaming.
When Einstein had a question or wanted to solve a problem, rather than setting up an experiment in a laboratory, he did what he called a THOUGHT EXPERIMENT.
Why talk about
your brain and art?
Art is good for your brain because it provides you with the opportunity to be creative, inventive, and imaginative - using the right side of your brain.

Without art and creativity
there is potentially 1/2 of
your brain that you
would not use!
So Art makes you smarter because ...
... to be able to think in
a whole new way!
... you are developing the right side of your brain...
Now put it to the test!
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