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Food Shortage


Summer Whitaker

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Food Shortage

Problem: Food Shortage in Third World
ountries Third World Countries are affected daily by food shortages, creating an economic problem. Thesis: All the males 18 and up will eat first and have as much food as they desire, whenever they want. The Woman and children will eat the scraps from the men. Solution: http://www.clipartguide.com/_named_clipart_images/0511-0809-2414-2276_Young_Man_Eating_a_Very_Large_Stack_of_Pancakes_Clip_Art_clipart_image.jpg


Motherearth.com Advantages: Consequences: 1. Women, the primary caretaker of the children and family, will have less strength then they had before to care for the kids and responsibilities of the family.

2. A lot of women who have new babies would be breastfeeding, and because of lack of food, and energy and vitamins from eating food, their milk would be malnourished, if they're still even able to produce milk at that point. And because of this, babies would begin to die.

3.With little or no food for children, they would become sick and begin to die

4. If children began to die, the next generation of 3rd World Countires would parish.

5. If the woman began to die, there would be no one for the men to reproduce with. 1. Men, whose role is normally to provide for the family, will have more strength to work.

2. Men would have more brain power to make wise decesions, and be able to think more clearly during the day.

3. A lot of people look to men as the head of the household who tend to make final decesions on behalf of the rest of the family and himself, so if he is eating first and eating the most food out of the rest of his family, this just confirms the males authority and his rights.

4. If men are fed very well and they are full, they are more likely to give back to society and the environment they live in even more than they were before.

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