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Looking For Alaska

No description

shelby Johnson, Shelby Jo

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Looking For Alaska

By : Shelby Johnson Looking For Alaska Exposition Rising Action Climax Resolution Falling Action Conflict Theme Characters: Alaska Young
Chip ( the colonel) Martin
Miles ( Pudge) Halter
Lara Buterskaya
Takumi Hikohito
Settng: Culver Creek
Situation/climate: Pudge moved to Culver Creek from Florida. - Alaska is dating Jake.
- Pudge is dating Lara.
- Alaska and Pudge went out to the woods to drink and smoke.
- Pudge is a virgin, has never kissed a girl, and has never drank alcohol.
- Alaska loves making out and drinking.
- Pudge likes Alaska when he saw her. -Alaska and Pudge play truth or dare with the Colonel and get drunk and end up making out. - Alaska leaves after that night.
- Alaska ends up dieing in a car accident.
- Pudge and the Colonel go crazy because they think it was their fault for letting her leave.
-They find out what was in her car, who called her and why she left.
-They all thought it was one of her pranks. After the death of Alaska, the Colonel and Pudge started to get their stuff together. They kind of let it go, and at their school they started a prank with a male stripper coming into school. Alaska vs Pudge - Death
- Friendship
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