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Reawakening the Learner

8 components of RtL with video support

Don't Ever Stop LLC

on 19 January 2013

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Transcript of Reawakening the Learner

How do we create schools to ensure proficiency for all learners to meet the ever-changing needs in the 21st century? Prepared for the 21st century
Proficiency for ALL Common
Moral Purpose Readiness for
Change Trust-to-Doubt Learner-centric
Collective Efficacy Assessing Evaluating Planning Learning Reawakening the Learner: Learner Improvement Cycle of Essential Learnings Culture for
Change Imagine the Future Classroom Collective Efficacy Assessing Planning Evaluating Learning A Vision of K-12
for the 21st Century Changing Dynamics Trust Change- Is it a first or second order change for you? (Marzano, Waters, McNulty, 2005)

1st order change- Next natural thing
Have the skills and knowledge to do it

2nd order change- "Dramatic departure from the expected both in defining the process and creating the solution"
Have to develop the skills and knowledge Bridges' (2003) Change Process
for Continuously Improving

Neutral Zone
New Beginning Kotter's (1996) Process to Create Major Change
1) Sense of urgency
2) Guiding coalition
3) Vision and strategy
4) Communicating the change
5) Empowering broad-based action
6) Generating short-term wins
7) Consolidate and produce more change
8) Anchoring new approaches in the culture
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