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HIV/ Aids

No description

Davin McCarthy

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of HIV/ Aids

HISTORY DISCOVERED: 1978 HI Hiv was first identivied in Africa. HIV/Aids First Outbreaks of HIV/Aids Thevery first outbreaks started in Africa and spread by Haitian people working in Africa. Other Names: Originaly the people called the virus HTLV III, but in the last couple of years they changed the names to HIV 1 and HIV 2. hah EPIDEMIOLOGY HIV/Aids can be spread through:
How HIV/Aids is Spread: Spread through shared needles that have the infected virus on it
Spread through sexual acts
Spread from infected mother to unborn child
Spread by breast feeding
and also spread by blood transfusions How Common HIV/Aids is to be found: At the begging of 2002, there was atleast 40 Million people in the world infected
in the early 2000s, about 1 and every 250 people in the U.S. was HIV positive.
Currently, 1 and every 100 people in the world are infected from ages 15-49. What population can recieve HIV The Population from ages 13-21 are more likely to get the HIV/Aids Virus. Where to find HIV/Aids... H Th The THemost likely The most likely place in the world to become infected with the aids virus is in sub-sahara africa. containing 67% of the worlds infected population ; Signs and Syntoms of HIV/Aids: Syntoms are caused by the deterioration of the immune system
Diarrhea that lasts for more than a week
Dry Cough
Memory loss
Unexplained Fatigue
Rapid weight loss
swollen lymph glands in armpits, groin or neck Course of the disease:
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