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AVID - intro to Inquiry

AVID inquiry for grades K-2, Kaimiloa Elementary School

Jennifer Tasaka

on 16 September 2011

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Transcript of AVID - intro to Inquiry

Intro to Inquiry Journey of a Question Levels of Questions Defining the Words Around Us background on Inquiry Inquiry Revisited Teach students to starting thinking in the form of questions take a few minutes to scan through the handouts Create a 3 column chart for your assigned words Select one of each level question for this activity Costa's Levels of Questioning
look at samples of the different levels of questions word definition visual Questions...times three based on the Nursery Rhyme one level 1 question
one level 2 question
one level 3 question transfer each question to the worksheet Switch papers (K-1 and 2-3)
Move the question through all three levels
Annotate (color code, underline, etc) showing what identifies it to a level
Repeat with the other two questions Mary Had a Little Lamb, create: Inquiry with Pictures Possible modifications: People
Summary Setting
Summary PATSS SPATS analyzing a picture What's in a cartoon? create three questions
in random order transfer to handout
partner will identify level and answer start simple open ended questions prompt for higher level thinking
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