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Alexandra Sirola

on 29 November 2015

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- months of hard fighting and planning
-a rotor-based cipher machine patented by Arthur Scherbius.
- its purpose was to decipher and cipher secret codes and message
- allowed Germany to communicate securely and secretly without the Allies knowing what they were saying
- Germany modified it specifically for their army, air and navy force
- they believed it was indecipherable, but they were wrong.
- The most difficult Enigma was used in U-Boats called M4
-What was the Enigma machine's significance in WWII?
- How did it affect the war between Germany and Britain?
- What it was
- How it worked
-where it was used
- the breaking of the Enigma
- the secret
-Enigma Intelligence advantages and
What was the enigma machine?
How it worked and its uses
- consisted of three rotors and a plug board

- changed the settings of Enigma to something different each day

- The germans followed a schedule of settings

- Weather reports, attack updates, locations and plans were all transmitted to Enigmas.

- counterpart's job was to decrypt the message by using an Enigma.

- When typing in a message, a random letter would replace the original letter, turning it into an unreadable code

- The same letter could never become itself.
This was a fatal flaw in the Enigma.
Ex: A was never A and B was never B

Breaking the unbreakable
- Britain in starvation
- M4 Enigma machines was used in all German U-Boats. This brought a disadvantage to the British.

- Allied soldiers died retrieving code books, Enigmas and settings

- U-110

- Germans are cutting off food, troop, medicine and equipment supply ships headed to Britain

- After decoding: Britain able to locate patrolling U-Boats and move to safer areas.

The attack on Coventry:
D-day intelligence:
Battle of Atlantic intelligence:
-D-day was an allied invasion of

- The Polish were first to decrypt the Enigma in 1930's
- Once WW2 began Germany changed all settings and procedures. Polish efforts became useless.
- Poland asked for help from Britain.
- Bletchley Park became their code breaking headquarters
- Alan Turing
- The "Bombe"
- a breakthrough occurred in 1941

The secret
- Decrypting Enigma had to remain a secret

- Risk of Germany finding out and changing all settings and procedures

- Britain had to sacrifice many lives, especially out at sea.

- Remained a government held secret for more than 50 years.

- was called "ULTRA intelligence"

- brought many advantages and disadvantages
Such as...
-Britain tricked Germany with the
intelligence of Enigma
- made Germany believe they were going to be in a different place at a different time
- Decoding of Enigma was estimated to have shortened the war by two or more years

- Estimated savings: 14 million lives
- was held a government held secret for over 50 years
-November 14th, 1940 Germany attacked Coventry city, England.
-Around 30,000 civilians died

-With help of Enigma, Winston Churchill was said to be aware of the attack beforehand
- Did nothing to stop it to keep the secret
- Too risky
-The Enigma was responsible for killing and saving many lives

- Was a major communications device and was a very advanced piece of war intelligence
Extra facts

Alan Turing was homosexual and was sentenced to prison for gross indecency.
- He committed suicide a year after
the war ended

- pardoned in 2013, by Queen
-Without Enigma the attack would have failed
- The Imitation Game
By: Alexandra and Shanta 8M

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