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Leadership Concept Map

Serge Semenets 0630156 EDRD*4120

Serge Semenets

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Leadership Concept Map

Serge Semenets
EDRD*4120 Situational Leader Telling One Way Communication Tells What, When, Where, How Selling Explains Why Needs Doing Obtains Involvement & Commitment Participating Two-Way Communication Facilitates Followers Shares Decision Making Process Delegating Laissez Faire "Let It Be" Decision Making Left to Employees Transactional Leader Plan Well Defined Little Creativity Short-Term Focused Authoritative Directs Followers Appeals to Self Interested Individuals Basic Motivators Reward Punishment Transformational Leader Collaborative Leader Idealistic "Walks the Talk" Develops Vision & Strategy Inspirational Charismatic Motivates & Inspires Empowers for Action Increases/Creates Urgency Stimulates Thinking Challenges Creativity Higher Levels of Performance Individual Consideration Individual Concern & Attention Build Guiding Coalition Generates Short Wins Steve Jobs, CEO Apple Inc. Extrinsic Intrinsic Personal Growth Practices Solid Values Compassionate Aggressive Sociopath Lacks Emotion Teamwork Shared Vision Synergy Cuts Corners Purely Profit Seeking Sociopathic Psychopathic
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