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Dental Caries

No description

Crystal Au

on 26 March 2016

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Transcript of Dental Caries

What is
Dental Caries?
Formation of Dental Caries
Learning Objectives
Caries prevention
1. Personal self care (PSC)

2. Fluoride treatment
Dental Caries
Supervillains of the Mouth
Crystal Au, Cynthia Chiu, and Ginny Liu

Feb 24, 2016
Caries found in the mouth are:

A. Infectious diseases found on a tooth
B. Also known as tooth decay or cavity
C. Both A and B

Which of the following does not contribute
to the formation of dental caries?

A. Bacteria
B. Acid
C. Oxygen
D. Saliva
Effects of Dental Caries
Unhealthy vs healthy
quiz 2
Caries found on primary teeth can affect
your permanent teeth.

True or False

You can feel pain or no pain depending on
the progression of the cavity.

True or False

As you already know
No brushing and flossing,
and eating lots of sweets
can cause sugar bugs to eat
your teeth away, but how?
The birth of the Supervillains
Introduction to the Supervillains
Affects adult teeth

Continuous destruction of tooth layers
First damage
layer- outer layer of tooth surface
May lead to tooth loss

Can be
not painful

(white, brown, black)
Superpowers of the Supervillains
1. Define dental caries.

2. Identify 4 biological factors that lead
to dental caries formation.

3. Describe at least 2 methods on how
to prevent caries.

Caries are only black in color.

Caries can only be found on the surface of the tooth.

Avoid the attack of the Supervillains
2. Fluoride Treatment
Stops the breakdown of a tooth
Helps re- build the surface of a tooth
Stop bacterial attacks
Snack less between meals
Use fluoridated toothpaste
1. Personal Self- Care
Brush & Floss
Which of the following cannot prevent
dental caries?

A. Visiting a dental clinic once a year
B. Eating more vegetables
C. Brushing 2X/day
D. Fluoride treatment

Using toothpaste without fluoride helps stop
dental caries.

True or False
= tooth
Also known as


different layers of tissues of the tooth
1. Bacteria
2. Sugar
3. Acid (ph 5.5)
4. Saliva
The Egg Experiment
Activity Time!
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