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The Appalachian Region of Canada

The name says it all.

Calum Meagher

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of The Appalachian Region of Canada

The Appalachian Region of Canada
In this prezi I will be talking about the:
Bodies of Water
Natural Recources
How the land shapes the lives of the people that
live there
And what makes the region unique
In the Appalachian Region of Canada
The provinces in the appalacian region are:
Prince Edward Island(PEI)
Nova Scotia
New Brunswick
And part of
Newfoundland & Labrador
Map of Canada
the next two pictures are showing the location of the Appalachian Region of Canada
This is a map of Canada. The highlighted part of the map is the Appalachian Region of Canada
Bodies of Water
Most of the Appalachian Region of Canada is located in the atlantic ocean. Some of the major bodies of water are the Bay of Fundy, the Gulf St.Lawrence, and the St. Lawrence river.
Gulf of St. Lawrence
Bay of Fundy
St. Lawrence River
In the Appalachian Region they have winds, fog in the spring, a not to hot summer, a not to cold winter, and sometimes hurricanes.
Hurricane Igor
The Appalachian's variety of landforms include low mountain's, flat uplands, the largest mountain' east of the Rocky Mountain's, glaciers, the Annapolis Valley, rocky cliffs and many islands.
The Annapolis Valley
The Appalachian mountain's
Hurricane Katrina
Natural Resources
The natural resources in the Appalachian Region are good farming soil, fish, coal and oil, trees, milk, and syrup.
The vegetation in the Appalachian Region includes dead maples, white pine, red spruce, hemlock, apple trees, violets, aspen, mountain ash star flowers, and mixed forests.
How The Land Shapes The Life in this region
The land shapes the life because it provides good farming land, good hunting, good lobster netting, good fishing, good hiking land, and tourists(Anne of Green gables, whale watching, etc.).
What makes the region unique from the rest
This region has Anne of green gables, it is the foggiest place in Canada, and it has the only two island provinces in Canada in it(Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia).
Anne of Green Gables
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