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Designing for mobile devices

No description

Ulf G

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Designing for mobile devices

Native Web 3 Questions? No? Thanks for listening An app is an app is an app... or The mobile revolution Kenya 57% South Africa 55% Mobile browsing, 2012 Designing for
mobile devices The mobile solution USA 25% The responsive evolution We're living in a mobile revolution And it's happening now! A very merry non-Xmas! 31 Dec, 2011 2 267 233 742 users
had internet access 2011 there were 4 600 000 000 mobile phones 1 100 000 000 of which were smartphones England 22% Japan 14% China 6% Kenya 57% South Africa 55% Smartphone penetration, 2012 USA 35% And it's happening now! Europe 52% India 3% Brazil 14% 2013 Year Mobile phones will surpass the pc as # 1 tool to access the web 26X in years the mobile traffic will have grown five So why now? An explosive development of mobile devices Social media Music and Videos Apple sold 67 million ipads in 2 years. It took the 24 years to sell just as many computers Price look-up Time Tables Change of consumption? Watching TV When "powdering the nose" In the bedroom It's the new "cigarette" When commuting So what does this then mean
when developing mobile solutions An app is an app is an app... ... or is it? A Great diversity Operating System Browser iOS (iPhone, iPad)
Windows Mobile
and what have you... Safari
Google Chrome
Internet explorer
etc. and When building an app, should it be Native Web Hybrid or should you use html5? or should you go for html5? html5 - pros & cons Work in progress A world of new possibilitites Caching Image optimization Apple censorship Risk of silos... but then again One common goal 2016 Year 2 100 000 000 mobile phones will have browser support for html5 #1 fastest growing keyword in online job postings Responsive design is about Adaption and Performance Scaling, restructuring, resizing, removing The mobile web is slow 71% of the users expect a mobile site to load just as fast as on a desktop computer 60% of the users expect a mobile site to load on 3 seconds or LESS. 78% or the users reload the page maximum twice if it doesn't load directly Speed is CRUCIAL! ... and the page sizes and no. of objects continue to grow Unfortunately the web developers are NOT up to speed... The solution? Mobile first Minimize the content Design for touch Test and test again As for SharePoint Device channels Not only responsively adjusted... ... but developed especially for mobile devices Unfortunately, nothing's really removed Ready Steady Go! asfasfd
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