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Vagrant & Ansible

No description

Viktor Vad

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of Vagrant & Ansible

What does a provisioner do?
In short:
it brings a system to a desired state.
Meet Ansible!
Meet Vagrant!
Virtual machine configuration wrapper to fire up various VM provider boxes with you settings.
How do you create development environments?
Vagrant & Ansible
Let me show you how I prepare such environments!
Use one file to tell:
what VM provider to use
about network interfaces
synced folder setups
how to setup multi-machine environments
what provisioners to fire up
ready to work on in 10 minutes from scratch
easily modified later
Manually or is it fully automated?
A good dev env is
In long: it installs packages, writes configuration files, manages system services, loads databases and really anything a DevOp might do.
Viktor Vad

YAML config files
config files are structured in a convention called "roles"
have batteries built in
works "Capistrano" style
Configuration file driven system DevOp automation system, that can bring one or more systems to the desired state.
Some of Ansible's attributes:
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