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Science Chapter 5 Lesson 3

No description

on 13 February 2015

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Transcript of Science Chapter 5 Lesson 3

Science Chapter 5 Lesson 3
Review Questions
Review Question Part 2
Answer's Part 2
DNA: An organism's genetic material.
Nucleotide: Is a molecule made of nitrogen base, a sugar, and a phosphate group.
Replication: The process of copying a DNA molecule to make another DNA molecule.
RNA: A type of nucleic acid that carries the code for making proteins from the nucleus to the cytoplasm.
Transcription: The process of making mRNA
from DNA.
Translation: The process of making a protein from RNA.
Mutation: A change in the nucleotide sequence
of a gene.

1. Distinguish between transcription and translation.
2. Use the terms DNA and nucleotide in a sentence.
3. A change in the sequence of nitrogen bases in a gene called _____.
4. Where does the process of transcription occur?
5. Illustration make a drawing that illustrates the process of translation.

6. Distinguish between the sides of the DNA double helix and the teeth of the DNA double helix.
7. Identify the products of what process are shown in the figure below.
8. Sequence draw a graphic organizer like the one below about important steps in making a protein, beginning with DNA and ending with protein.
9. Hypothesis what would happen if a cell were unable to make mRNA?
10. Assess what is the important of DNA replication occurring without any mistakes?
Answer 1. Transcription: the process of making mRNA from DNA.
Translation: The process of making a protein from RNA.
Answer 2. DNA and nucleotide have two complete different meanings.
Answer 3. A change in the sequence of nitrogen bases in a gene called mutation.
Answer 4. The process of transcription occur outside the cell.
Answer 5. The translation moves thru DNA.

6. DNA: is the hole body.
Double Helix: it's what protects the DNA.
Teeth: the little thing inside the DNA.
7. The products inside the DNA are double helix and the teeth.
8. First comes the DNA then comes transcription then comes translation then comes mutation and lastly comes protein.
9. The DNA wouldn't get protein.
10. If the DNA goes wrong while replication
the blood would stop flowing through the body that's why is important the the DNA dose not make a mistake while replication.
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