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About Mongolia

No description

Gunchee Bayarsa

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of About Mongolia

Thank you for your
Attention Economy Language & Education About Mongolia Mongolian main religion is Tibetan Buddhism with 90%. 10% is other religion /Muslim, Shamanism, Christian.../ Religion Basic Information Politics Ulan Bator Mongolia’s capital city is
“Ulan Bator” or “Ulaanbaatar”. Capital city Mongolia is set to place second with a growth rate of 17%. Culture Mongolia is a parliamentary republic, and we are democratic politic country. East and Central Asia,
between China and Russia /landlocked/ Area: 1,564,116 km2 (603,909 sq mi)
It is the world's 19th-largest country. Population: 2.8 million Mongol ethnicity- 95%, Kazakhs and Tuvans- 4.9% History Outline 209 BC-1125 1186-1636 1990 1911-1990 1691-1911 Hunnu and other Steppes Empires Democracy,
Free Market Independence, Communist Manchu controlled Great Mongol Empire Sport Mongolian Wrestling Horse racing Archery big Plains Gobi semi-Desert Altai Mountains My literacy /the ability to read and write/
rates 98%. History
Language & Education
Capital city
Sport Mongolia is one of the nomadic countries in the world. Forest Mountains Autumn /fall/ is from August to November Average winter
temperature: -22C Average summer
temperature: +20C Spring is from May to June Winter is from November to late April Average Altitude: 1500 m It is world's 1th-sparsely populated
independent country over 12 million people Children /age 6 start/ study secondary education for 12 years.
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