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Mumbai dabbawala

No description

Dheeraj E.D

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Mumbai dabbawala

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Elements the supply chain
Process map of Dabba delivery
Logistics of DW
Performance measurement
Quality management
SWOT analysis of DW

NMTBSA - Nutan Mumbai Tiffin Box Suppliers Association
Founded : Mumbai Maharashtra in 1880
Founder : Mahadeo Havaji Bacche
Charitable trust : Registered in 1956
Avg. Literacy Rate : 8th Grade Schooling
Total area coverage : 100KM/ day
Employee Strength : More than 5000
Number of Tiffin's : Over 2,00,000 Tiffin Boxes
i.e 4,00,000 transactions every day.
Elements of supply chain
Three tier structure:
Executive committee
120 groups ( includes Mukadam and Dabbawalas)
Baton relay system
Hub and spoke arrangement
No historical, theoretical legacy in the design
No use of computer technology
Clients name is not even existing

Logistics of DW
Mode of transportation
12 coach suburb trains
Push kart and cycles
0 % fuel
0% modern technology
Logistical competency is achieved by coordinating the following:
Network Design

Quality management
Lean management principles practiced (efficient resource utilization)
Error rate 1 in 16 million transactions
Six sigma performance – 99.9999
Flexible Infrastructure-The back bone higher frequency of sub-urban train services. There is a train service virtually every minute.
Group dynamics

Amrita School of Business Kochi

Turnover : 36 core INR (approx) annually
Average age of employee : above 45 years
Working days : 25 days in a month (1 week pre-announced holiday in a year)
Team of 20-25 headed by a group leader
Individual dabbawallah's workload:
Collect from home –35-40 lunch boxes
Delivery at office –35-40 lunch boxes
Return to home –35-40 empty lunch boxes
Guinness Book of World Records- Best time management

Elements of supply chain
Logic behind operations

Elements of supply chain
Coding system
Elements of supply chain
Standard operating procedure (SOP)
Elements of supply chain
Church gate station 11:20-12:30
Return journey 1:15- 2:00PM (all the stations)

3:30- 4:30 PM
2:00 - 3:30 PM
Andheri station 10:31-11:20
Morning 8:00-10:30
Loading for hub-hub transfer
Re-sorting for hub-spoke transfer

By suburb trains in dedicated compartments

By manual, Rapid process

Unloading at the destination stations
Sorting in destination wise loading in special carts

by manual

Sorting in destination wise & loading in special carts.
Delivery to special locations

by group of employees ( milk man)
Collection of boxes from office location
(empty lunge box from office to home)

By Manual , Need based on the situation basic

Collection of lunge box from residence

Member / Milk man route

Received and sorted at railway station

By manual, Rapid process, team

Delivery of empty boxes to residents

By Manual , Need based on the situation basic

Elements of supply chain
Network diagram
Logistics of DW
Road map
Logistics and supply chain management
Introduction about Dabbhawala
Elements of supply chain
Distribution network
Hub for distribution net work
The hubs are the crucial link for the delivery system
Hubs were managed by mukadam (coordinator)

Quality management
Standard price for all (weight ,distance, space)
No strike reported as such
Redundancy: Each route (collection) is assigned to an individual member. Often, this information on collection route is known to every other member in the team.
Decentralized structure
No uncertainly in delivery model
Operational autonomy
Quality management
Well managed stake holder
Mainly 3 set of stake holders
Performance measured in terms of transactions
Productivity is volume based (employee)
Customer centric organization
Continues flow of work
Adopted demand management
We have discussed the SCM of Dabbawallas. We reviewed the business model, factors behind such an outstanding practices, elements of the supply chain strategy, opportunities, and quality management
Has perfected its systems and procedures to handle large volume of operations with negligible errors (six sigma)

Operations are modular, they are scalable and flexible enough to handle volume
The management practices at DW are intuition based (codification system, homogeneous employee background, innovative Human Resource practices etc.)

Operations are customer centric, employee driven, and value based
The output accuracy is supported by flexible infrastructure and time buffers in the delivery system
It is an excellent business model based on an innovative approach to satisfy a real customer need

Elements of supply chain
Process map of Dabba delivery
Customer profile of Dabbawala
11% students
15% Businessman
36% Government
38% Private sector
Simplicity in organization with innovative service
Co-ordination team spirit and time management
Low operation cost
Customer satisfaction
Highly dependability on suburban train
Funds for the allocations
Limited access to education
Tie up with caters to serve variety of meal
Opportunity of expense of service in Mumbai metro and BRT's
Generating revenue by other number of brands
Expansion service to other cities
Booking of service through SMS and online-(already started need more familiarization)
In direct threat by fast food chains and restaurants
Food vouchers and meals coupons system
Flexi time work culture
SWOT Analysis
Strength- Weakness- Opportunity- Threat
Dabbawala’s Service Quality
Dabbawala is very reliable service for their customers they have a record of on time delivery with minimum errors.
Basic Service
Dabbawala delivers the promised basic service to their customers, keep customer informed, and be determined to deliver value to customer.
Service Design:
Dabbawals have developed a holistic design of their marketing services.
Dabbawala’s Service Quality
Dabbawala have hired extra personal for recovery.
If any Tiffin box gets misplaced the recovery process starts quickly and they try to deliver the recovered Tiffin on time.
Employee Research
Dabbawala continuously try to identify service problems and solve those problems promptly.

Dabbawala’s Service Quality
Team Work:
Dabbawala who rang in age from 18-65, tend to remain for their entire working lives. As the result member of team care deeply for one another.
Servant Leadership
Dabbawala have excellent service system design use information effectively and have strong corporate style culture

Dabbawallas at Chennai
As the Dabbawallas have one of the most efficient supply chains, there are no drawbacks as such.
Areas to focus- Customer loyalty
As their customer base is shrinking (due to changes in life style and food habits)
Provide free delivery a month for customers associated with them for more than 5 years
Dabbawallahs should also try to increase their customer base by extending their operations to other geographical locations
Mumbai Vs Chennai
Mumbai vs Chennai
Dabbawallas at Chennai
Target- School children(LKG to 12th class)
Schools start by 8.00 am
Working parents- difficulty to prepare lunch before kid leaves for school
Eating food from outside- expensive and unhealthy
Health conscious mothers worried of kids eating out
Reduce the burden of carrying lunch

Dabbawallas at Chennai
Experimental plan
Use the sub-urban railway
Use SHG(self help group) focus on women
Hire women to execute the delivery of lunch
Dabbawala from Mumbai to come and train at Chennai
Hire workers for part time-Use the remaining time for other business
No return delivery- Kids can carry back empty lunch boxes to
Same coding- school-wise, street-wise
Initially deploy 100 ammas(role of Dabbawals) and 5 periyammas(role of Mukkadams)
All the Dabbawala rules and policies will be the same

Dabbawallas at Chennai
Potential stations for hubs- Nungambakkam, Guindy, Tambaram, kodambakkam
For instance-
Could begin by focusing at Nungambakkam
Near by areas- Anna Nagar, Mugappair, Nolambur, Amjikkarai
Mostly Residential areas
Anna Nagar has over 50 schools
23- Play schools
14- Primary schools
13- Higher Secondary schools
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