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Welcome to Tesco 2014

No description

alan brown

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to Tesco 2014

Welcome to Tesco
The shop that Jack built
Introductions & Check in
History of Tesco
Tesco in Numbers
Tesco Bank
Vision & Strategy
Core Purpose & Values
Tesco Academy
Core Skills & Leadership
History of Tesco
Tesco Tea - Own Brand
Share flotation 1947
Self Service store
Worlds First Superstore
Online Shopping 1984
Barcode Scanner 1985
Express Stores 1994
Clubcard 1995
Tesco Personal Finance
Dotcom 2000
Tesco in Numbers
Vision & Strategy
Quality / Price + Customer Service

= Every Little Helps
Time to Change
Every Little Helps
1992 - Profits - £170m
1997 - Profits - £371m
2003 - Profits - £946m
2007 - Profits - £1.98bn
2009 - Profits - £3.1bn
2011 - Profits - £3.9bn
2012 - Profits - £3.5bn*
2013 - Profits - £2.3bn

*but we wrote a bit off....well all of it.
Core Purpose
Tesco Values
Tesco Academy
Core Skills
Leadership Skills
Core Skills
Check Out
Bank in Numbers
Tesco Bank Strategy
Tesco in Numbers
Tesco in Numbers
Every Little Helps

Tesco Academy
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