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Golden Age of Greece

No description

gs students

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Golden Age of Greece

Golden Age of Greece
School Days
Boys were the only people allowed to go to school and they started going there at the age of 7, but the girls stayed at home with their mothers.
Boys Only
The name for school in ancient Greece was gymnasia meaning training grounds where boys learned math, writing, and reading. Teachers were called grammatisites.
what they learned
Instead of paper boys used tablets of wood covered in wax. Instead of a pencil they used a stylus which is a writing tool made of metal or bone. If they made a mistake they would have to smooth the wax with the blunt end of the stylus so the tablet could be reused.
what they wrote with
Any boy who was poor or even considered free could not attend school. Boys needed an education and if they couldn't read or write they couldn't go into politics. Greek schools were small with 1 teacher and 10-20 boys who went there from 7-13.
What else do I know
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