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Copy of The Moustache

By: Lupe and Andie

Cason Chan

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The Moustache

The Moustache
Mood and Setting
Project By: Lupe Parra and Andie Andrews
Point of View
The story is written in frist person. It is in first person because it tells specific thoughts and feelings Mike has. It needs to be in first person to say the specific feelings and details and to fully understand what the story means to Mike.
Mike and his grandma are the main characters. Mike is a good guy, but can be stubborn about shaving off his moustache. The grandma is good too, but is confused about people and can have "good" or "bad" days with how she feels and who she remembers. Mike visits his grandmother without complaining, which displays his goodness. In the story grandma is good, but she can be bad or mean on a bad day.
there were two conflicts in this story one of them was Mike's grandmother confussing him with his grandfather. It was human vs. human. and the other conflict was that people treated him as an adult because of his mustache
Story Author: Robert Cormier
Plot Line
The setting in this story was in a nursing home. There they take care of old people. Like the main character's grandmother. This part of the story was very sad because Mike's grandmother confuses him with her husband that died long time ago.
Never try to act like an adult when being so young because you might get treated like one. It is present in the story because everyone treats Mike as an adult.
Annie is sick on the day that her and Mike are supposed to visit their grandma. Mike is nervous to visit his grandma alone. Mike has a moustache that he is very proud of.
Mike is thinking about what the visit is going to be like the entire ride over there. He doesn't think twice about his moustache.
Mike finally arrives at the nursing home where his grandma lives. He walks into her room and she begins talking to him. After while, she starts saying things Mike doesn't recognize. He finally realizes his grandma thinks Mike is Mike as in her husband Mike.
Mike tries several times to tell his grandma that he isn't the Mike she thinks he is. His grandma keeps hushing him, so he just plays along. He forgives her for whatever she did so long ago.
Mike races home in his car at 80 mph. He plans on telling no one about his strange confrontation. As soon as he gets home, he runs to the bathroom and shaves off his moustache.
Mike is a seventeen year old boy with a moustache he is very proud of. He goes to visit his grandma in the nursing home and his grandma thinks that Mike is her husband. She tells him how sorry she is and asks him to forgive her. Mike doesn't know what to do so he just plays along. as soon as Mike gets home, he shaves off his moustache.
I liked this story because it gives you a very good description of what is happening at that very moment. I would recomand this story to people who like imagining the story.
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