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One Direction

No description

shaylen aitcheson-reibiro

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of One Direction

One Direction
Niall Horan Pg. 44-54
Naill Horan Was born on September
13th, 1993 in Mullingar, Republic of Ireland. his
parents are Maura Gallagher and Bobby Horan. He has
a brother named Greg Horan.One of his favorite things to do is visit his friends back home in Ireland. Around the age of four Niall's parents split up. at first he stayed with his dad who lived pretty close to his school. He was always short for his age. even though he was really small he was still able to with a ping-pong paddle and his brother ended up bleeding. Him and his brother had 2 goldsfish and they named them after their favorite show Tom and jerry. But Greg overfed them and they died this was a very hard time for Naill. The two brothers hated each other after that. His favorite subjects in school were geography and french. He learned to play recorder in school and that is when he started liking music more and more. His primary school teacher wax the first to notice his good singing voice. one time he went on a road trip with his aunt an he was
singing inthe back seat and she thought that
the radio was on. He had also always dreamed
of doing a duet with justin bieber.

Zayn Malik
Zain Javed Malik was born January
12th, 1993. Hi parents are Trisha and Yaser
Malik. And huis siblings are Doniya, Safaa,
And Waliyha Malik. He was born in East Bowling, UK. Zain loved to be the center of attention at home.
As a kid he went to Lower Fields Primary School,
on Fenby Avenue in Bradford. The school had a mott o that went like this ''sharing by vision, Achieving by Success. He always loved to sing. he was the only mixed kid at his school. His first celebrity crush was Megan Fox.
In 2010 after many attempts of being strong enough to enter the contest he entered an application for an audition but once again he he got nervous nd stayed home but his mum ordered him to go and he did.
what happened next proved that: Mother knows
Liam Payne Pg. 55-79
Liam Payne was born on August 29,
1993 in Wolverhampton, UK. Liam was a premature baby and during the first four years of his life he faced many challenges involving his health. At one point Liam started a treatment were he had to get 32 injections into his arm each morning and evening. Although he was going through a pretty hard time he still found a way to make the best of it. When he was younger He used to dance around every time the theme song to his favorite child show 'noddy' came on. his first school was called Collingwood Infants School. In school he got into a lot of trouble. His favorite subject was Science. He has two sisters who enjoy singing just like him. He also ran even though doctors said he
should not.
- Zain and Louis were obsessed with
Power Rangers as kids
- Simon Cowell who made the boys of one direction's dreams come true played a role in power rangers
- Louis was born a day born christmas eve
- Liam was born premature and with Only one working kidney
Harry Styles
Louis Tomlinson pg. 25-33
One Direction
Harry Edward Styles was born on Feb 1st , 1994. He spent his
early years in Cheshire England( which is found in the north west of England). After his parents divorced when he was seven years old him, his sister Gemma moved and went to live with his mother Anne Cox. They moved into a place above a pub. Him and his new friend Reg had a hangout at a dairy farm they would ride in on their bikes and have ice cream. in Harry's school Harry's favorite subjects were English, Religion and Drama. Which he had played part in 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'. When he was young his grandfather gave him a karaoke machine and one of the first songs that sang was 'Girl of best friend' by Elvis Presley.He joined a rock band with one of his friends Will. Will was looking for a leading vocalist. Harry named the band ' White Eskimo' this name was influenced by punk-pop acts such as 'Blink-182'. His biggest musical influences are Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, andFreddie Mercury.He also had a soft spot for Michael Buble and john mayers version of 'free falling as a child . The white Eskimo's played at school events and weddings. Their first song was 'Summer of '69' by Bryan Adams. They entered a battle of the bands competitioon and won. Their wedding performance Earned them 160 pounds which is equal to $303.54,
, for the show but the most important was the feedback they got
good or bad.
-pg.11 nonchalant(calm,unconcerned,cool)
You are calm and relaxed you are not Anxious, and
not showing enthusiasm.
-pg.11 contrived(forced,fake,artificial,phony,unnatural,pretended) something that is/seems seems artificial or unrealistic.
-pg.25 prominently featured(noticeable)
something standing out and is really easy to see
-pg.25 lesser STATURE(natural height ,tallness
,size,build) how high a human, animal body or object,
or level of achievement is(height)
-pg.34 eccentric(abnormal,irregular,weird,freakish)
an odd and slightly strange person or the behavior of the person
-pg.35 empathy(appreciation,compassion,sympathy,pity)
to understand others feelings and relate to one another.
-pg.45 staunchly(loyal,committed,devoted,reliable)
a loyal person/attitude and shows commitment.

May 15th
Mrs. Fredrick
Shaylen Aitcheson
215 pages
published in 2012
by danny white
Personal reflection
personally i thought that this book was interesting and or those who are fans of one direction i recommend this book for you. i learned more about the 5 guys than did before and i find it inspiring how they never gave up and kept trying to improve and hearing their stories and learning about their struggles.
Live while were young
Pg. 11-24
When i had picked this book i
was hoping that it would talk about the 5 as a group and also a little bit of their individual life story, but it just talked about their individual life stories and not so much the group.

I learned they are not perfect and that they faced many challenges. Liam had many healthy problems from he was born. Zain was to scared to audition for anything even with his great voice, and many more.

Louis William Tomlinson was born on December 24th, 1991 in Doncaster, UK. His parents are Troy Austin and Johannah Poulston. Louis is the oldest of 7 siblings, and in his familly he is very helpful and helps take care of his siblings. He was very close to his mum and dad, and is still very close to his mum. He has always been very chatty and is one of the most talkative members of the band. As a kid Lois dreamed of being a Power Ranger (which he was obsessed with), a football player, a farmer, a drama , and an actor.
Fun Facts
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