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No description

Aileen Clements

on 4 August 2012

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Transcript of E-Portfolio

Birth Aileen Caitlin Clements
March 5th, 1993
Tahoe Forest Hospital
Truckee, California
9lbs 9oz Parents Charity Thomas
Wade Clements Table of Contents Birth
Family Family Aunts,
& Cousins Grandparents Aileen Summed Up Siblings Ethan
Wyatt &
Garrott Step
Family Mark Thomas
Tyler Activities Friends Influential People My Mom Wyatt Sarah Activities
Friends Aileen Clements
Job Experience:
School Clubs/Activities:
Junior Varsity Girls Soccer
 2008-2010
Marching & Concert Band
 2007-2011
Technology Student Association
 2010-2011
Designer of 7-Eleven Posters
• 2009-2010
Grand-Opening Advertisement for 7-Eleven
• 2009
Friends & Neighbors Club Volunteer
 Soup Kitchen 2008
 Animal Shelter 2008
Venture Crew Member
• 2010-2011 Resume Strong
Reliable Tough
Antagonizing Resilient Future Plans ? Go to college
Study something
Get a job... Checklist Likes Likes
Influential People
Future Plans The End
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