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What Makes Ice Melt Faster?

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Katelyn Delos Santos

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of What Makes Ice Melt Faster?

Purpose/ Objective
What Makes Ice Melt Faster?
Salt is the substance that will mostly affect the melting point of ice. It will make the ice melt faster
4 plates/ 3 icecubes each
Ice Cubes
1. Gather materials
2. Place 3 ice cubes on each labeled plate. (4 plates )( 3 trials)
3.Place 1 teaspoon of Sugar on ice cube and time how long it takes to melt. (repeat the same for salt, pepper, and sand.
Trial 1= 1hr 4 min 15 sec
Trial 2= 58 min 22 sec
Trial 3=1hr 15 min 9 sec
avg: 1 hr 6 min 22 sec
In conclusion to this experiment, my results and data proved my hypothesis correct. Certain materials are able to affect the rate at which ice melts and that salt is a substance that can melt ice the fastest. In comparison to other substances like Sugar, or Sand, Salt had the fastest melting time with an average melting time of 48 minutes.
The purpose of this experiment is to see how certain materials (sugar, sand, pepper, and salt) affect the melting rate of ice in water and which is able to melt ice the fastest
Trial 1= 50min 17sec
Trial 2= 49 min
Trial 3=52min 9 sec
avg: 50min26 sec

Trial 1=1 hr 26min 1 sec
Trial 2=1hr 32 min 19 sec
Trial 3= 1 hr 25 min 11 sec
avg. 1hr 28 min 44 sec
Trial 1= 49 min 11 sec
Trial 2= 49 min 6 sec
Trial 3= 47 min 15 sec
avg 48 min 44 sec
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