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7 x 7 improvements in Drupal 7

Some improvements in Drupal 7

Wunderkraut Group

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of 7 x 7 improvements in Drupal 7

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
things for
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
things for
things for
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
things for
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
things for the
Drupal rocks!
New core themes
Improved administration interface
Contextual links
CCK in core
We now call it "Fields"!
Best thing? You can put fields on everything!
Fields on nodes
Fields on users
Fields on terms
Lots of contrib modules functionality in core
Easier installation and updates
Better user management
Better support for multilingual sites
New APIs
New AJAX framework
Helpers for improved performance
More control over page layout
Language negotiation
Timezone support / daylight saving time
String context (We release a new version in )
Language aware search
‘administer nodes’ permission more granular
Permissions have human readable name and description
Admin role
Handling user cancellation
Update manager : module and theme installation/update interface
Installer is an API which can be run from command line
Oh! ... And ImageCache is in core!
404 Blocks, Absolute src, Admin:hover, Admin Role, Archive::Tar, AHAH helper, Autoload, Auto Menu Title, AutomaticMenu, Auto Menu, Block edit, Block Node Visibility, Canonical URL, Checkbox Validate, Comment Display, DBTNG, Documentation, Drupal Queue, Edit term, Elements, Element theme hook, File API, Filter Default, Image API, Image Cache, Image Field, Input Format Permissions, jQ, jQuery Cookie, jQuery Form Update, jQuery Plugin Handler (JQP), jQuery plugin manager, jQuery UI, JS Alter, Login Security, Menuless Node Type, Menu Settings per Content Type, Node Preview by Content type, Parallel, Permissions API, Plugin Manager, Poor man's cron, Preview, RDF, Secure Password Hashes (phpass), Shortlink, Simple CDN, Simpletest, Site Configuration Permissions, Storage API, Taxidermy, TinyMCE AHAH Integration, TinyMCE Drag and Drop Integration, Transaction, Upload element, Upload preview, URL alter, User Cancellation, User Default Filter, User Delete, Vertical Tabs, View unpublished, Vocabulary Permissions, Wysiwyg API CCK Integration
Install profiles are modules
Stream wrappers
jQuery UI in core
Improved WYSIWYG support
Lots of books
D7CX pledge
300 release parties organised!
Almost 1000 people contributed
Drupalgardens has been running for quite some time on Drupal 7
Tested code = robust code
1% of the web runs on Drupal
New minimum requirements
Support for more database engines
Better support for reverse proxies and CDN
Aliased multisite
Mix public/private files
Improved security
MySQL Server
Enterprise database support
Master / slave
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Actually, way way more than 7 things got fixed!
But let's not dwell on that today.
We're here to celebrate the new stuff!
Curious how many?
Food for robots
think of all the drupal distributions that will rise.
Developers can create new entities with Fields power
7 x 7 reasons to choose Drupal 7
More consistent naming
Theming hooks take one parameter : $variables
function theme_select($variables) {
function theme_fieldset($variables) {
function theme_radio($variables) {
function theme_radios($variables) {
function theme_date($variables) {
function theme_checkbox($variables) {
function theme_checkboxes($variables) {
function theme_container($variables) {
function theme_tableselect($variables) {
function theme_vertical_tabs($variables) {
function theme_submit($variables) {
function theme_button($variables) {
function theme_image_button($variables) {
function theme_hidden($variables) {
function theme_textfield($variables) {
function theme_form($variables) {
function theme_textarea($variables) {
function theme_password($variables) {
function theme_file($variables) {
function theme_form_element($variables) {
function theme_form_required_marker($variables) {
function theme_form_element_label($variables) {
function theme_menu_tree($variables) {
function theme_menu_link(array $variables) {
function theme_menu_local_task($variables) {
function theme_menu_local_action($variables)
More template control
Template suggestion wildcard
theme_hook suggestions
Improved (pre)processing
Now also works with theme functions
Two phase process
Render / hide
You can use hook_alter in themes
Support for browser specific files in drupal_add_css
Standardized API for static variables
Improved file and media handling
Stream wrappers
Better documentation
nodes, terms and users all share the same DNA
Developers can create new entity types
think CTools
Files are first class objects
file_save, file_load, file_validate
based on PDO
Queue API
Also: Fields API, Locking API, Image API, File API, ...
Load functions to load multiple objects in one single database query
node_load_multiple, comment_load_multiple, file_load_multiple, ...
Drupal 7
7 x 7 reasons to choose Drupal 7
Work with remote files as if they were local
Making sure Drupal keeps on rocking
Protected cron
Stronger password hashes
Brute-force login protection
Created by
Better naming
Story = Article
"input format" = "text format"
Theme weirdness

$search_box in theme

.clear-block is now .clearfix
Removed modules and themes
Blog API, Ping, Throttle

Blue marine, Chameleon, Pushbutton
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