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Site Administration Nirvana

Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2012 Session

Adam DiCarlo

on 20 October 2012

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Transcript of Site Administration Nirvana

Adam DiCarlo

drupal.org/user/100783 Site Administration Nirvana Overview What is Panelizer? Makes any entity type use Panels
> Nodes, terms, users

Allows customizing each entity's Panel
> Per view mode WITH HANG ON! What about
responsive design? Panelizer, Reusable Views Panes,
and Region Panes What is Panelizer?
HANG ON! What About Responsive?
Demo: Panelization and In-Place Editor
The "Except for a Couple Pages" Problem
The "Adding Sidebar Blocks en Masse" Problem
Demo: Reusable Generic Views Enter: Region Panes Displays theme region content in Panels layout regions
Hello, Context my old friend... "Except for a couple pages..." Region Panes, sure... BUT Adding Sidebar Blocks En Masse Entities without overridden Panels can still be changed
But watch out for "Allow Panel Choice" Modules used Q&A Panels 3.3 - might want to use dev
Panelizer 3.x-dev
Panels Extras - Region Panes
CTools - Views Content Panes

Theming resources
AdaptiveTheme 3.x, Omega 4.x
Zen + ZenGrids - zengrids.com Views Content Panes
or: Reusable Generic Views Pre-Beans Beans...
Exposed Filters become magical administrator tools
Single Views displays can serve multiple purposes AdaptiveTheme 3.x, Omega 4.x Responsive Panels Layouts Roll your own with ZenGrids—with or without Zen
Give Panels full page width: "Disable theme regions"
Twitter: @adamdicarlo
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