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No description

Tiffany Mulholland

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Collage

Definition of Collage
"A form and/ or technique of art that incorporates pr-existing materials or objects that are attached to a two-dimensional surface or piece of art."
Historical Artists
Process/ Material
There is no 'one' medium in collage
"The medium of collage has different properties and therefore different possibilities, it begins with seeing ordinary things in an unordinary way."
1. change your expectation
2. collect materials
3. placement
4. cutting/pasting the objects
5. creating art
Contemporary Artists
materials very:
tickets (from anything)
playing cards
Collage is a way of art but it is not a specific style or form of art. cutting and pasting object on a surface is practiced in kindergarten. It is practiced by housewives and homeowners creating DIY (Do it yourself) projects.
other materials to create the piece of art are:
History of Collage
Earliest collages reveal that paper is considered sacred material
collages made by japanese calligraphers - copied poems on collaged sheets
Collage began as an ornamentation of text
The earliest known collages by Picasso and Braque were made between 1912 to 1914
wallpaper, oil cloth, and cane establish the surfaces of common material textures.
Picasso - first to use commercial materials:
calling cards
tabacco wrappers
wine and guitars
constant frame of daily reference
placed viewer in cafe setting where newspaper was a dominant recurring object
forcing the viewer away from the past, to face the modern world.

Pablo Picasso
20th century Spanish born artist
well known for his introduction of cubism and modern approach to painting.
set forth movement to modern day painting.
``Man in Hat``
completed in 1912
Charcoal and Collage
Georges Braque
20th century Parisian Painter
also a contributor to Cubism
touched on impressionism, fauvism and of course Collage
''Glass Carafe and Newspapers"
completed in 1914
Charcoal, Collage, Chalk, Oil
both into Collage
not sure who actually invented the type of art.
Carlo Carra
Italian Painter
"Interventionist Manifesto"
completed in 1914
Tempera and collage on cardboard
Hannah Hoch
20th century German Dada Artist
Big influence on modern day collage
Art focussed on feminist issues
"Cut with the Kitchen Knife Through the First Epoch of the Weimar Beer-Belly Culture"
Jeff Ellom
Kelowna-based collage artist.
Mainly uses 1970's National Geographic magazines, glue and scissors
he creates colourful paper collages.
Wangechi Mutu
Born in Kenya
Artist/ sculptor lives in New York
considered one of the most important african contemporary artists of recent years.
"Fibroid Tumors of the Uterus"
collage on found medical illustration paper
Arturo Herrera
born:1959, Caracas, Venezuela
moved to the USA to study art.
his images are a mix of surreal Disney Characters.
"Present Tense No. 21"
April 2002
Betye Saar
Born in Los Angeles
Best known for her multimedia Collages

"Woman with Bird in Her Hair"
mixed media collage
on paperboard,
Klaus Staeck

German lawyer and publisher
best known in Germany for his political graphic design work
"A Garden in Paradise"
Acrylic and fabric on canvas
Courtesy Lerner-Heller Gallery, New York
Miriam Schapiro
born in Toronto Canada! 1923
painter, feminist, sculptor, and printmaker.
She is a pioneer of feminist art.
Also considered a leader of the Pattern and Decoration art movement.
Collage is significantly used in artistic production.
computer generated imagery (animated graphics placed over traditional film footage.)
Collage in music (new technologies - music can be played over top of another sound.)
illustration - kids story books
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