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Our ImPREZIve Solar System

A template for my 6th grade students to use as they report on the solar system.

Erica Fordiani

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Our ImPREZIve Solar System

A few interesting facts.
Name of Planet
Add more information about your planet such as its location from the sun. Compare its physical properties to that of other planets in the solar system (eg. size, solid or gasseous).
Planet Facts
What probes have we sent from earth? (etc) Describe the use of instruments to observe and explore the moon (moons of your planet or Earth's moon) and planets (the planet you’re reporting on).
More Interesting Facts
Add facts about how distance is measured, and distances from the sun to different planets/objects in the solar system. How is distance measured in space?
Distance in Space
Describe the role of computers in understanding the solar system (eg. collecting and interpreting data from observations, predicting motion of objects, operating space probes).
Report on ways technology has been and is being used to investigate the solar system. Talk about Curiosity and it's current mission on Mars.

Research and report on the use of manmade satellites orbiting Earth and various planets.
Relate science's understanding of the solar system to the technology used to investigate it.
Understanding of our Solar System
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