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the Great Gatsby

No description

monica naranjo

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of the Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby
Materialism is shown promptly within the mindset and development of Gatsby. He believed that money could erase his pass and could therefore cause him to have a better future for himself and for his love Daisy. No amount of hard work can change where Gatsby came from, and old money knows it. Merit and hard work aren't enough, and so the American Dream collapses—just like the ballooning dresses of Jordan and Daisy when Nick first sees them.
The green light
the green light is a symbol of his dream dying. the Gatsby long life dream is to become rich and wealthy for his love, Daisy. the light in this case is how Daisy is so close yet so far away therefore making his dream nearly impossible to reach. Daisy's house is on the other side of the port making harder for Gatsby to obtain it.
the pink suit
The pink color in general represents the death of the American dream as well as the false innocence that the Gatsby conveys. Gatsby“wears a pink suit” in chapter 7 and Tom comments that there is no way that Gatsby “is an Oxford man”(122), maybe from “Oxford, New Mexico...or something like that”(122). Gatsby tries to make himself believable towards Daisy to make sure that he
The Eyes of Doctor T. J. Eckleburg
the Valley of Ashes
The Valley of Ashes are where all of the industrial dumpings are at. The poorest of the people in the valley which signifies that all of the people there don't have a social standing in society. It also stands for the moral decay of the wealthy because they do not do anything but lavish themselves in their own pleasures.
The eyes that look upon everyone in the Valley of Ashes represents how God is looking over everyone in the city. Their sins, mistakes and all of the problems they have to face. for example, the Gatsby has Daisy to worry about because he is not married to him yet. He also bootlegs illegal alcohol. Therefore, the doctor's eyes can see everything in the town does, which is God's way of saying the America has become wasteland where there is corruption in every corner.
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