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Copy of A Gentleman of Rio en Medio

Literary Analysis

Norma Hernandez

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of A Gentleman of Rio en Medio

Gentleman of Rio en Medio Character Traits Theme Point of View Direct Characterization External Conflict Characterization Internal Conflict

Literary Analysis
of a
Short Story Conflict 8.6 A- Analyze linear plot
CONFLICT RESOLUTION is the struggle between opposing forces Takes place in the mind of a character,
he struggles between competing
feelings, beliefs, needs, or desires. occurs when a character struggles
against another character, natural
forces, or some aspect of society The author directly states what
a character is like. are the qualities, attitudes, and
values that a character possesses the central idea or underlying message in a story (the lesson learned) First Person - told from the perspective
of a character in the story using the
pronoun "I"
Ex. When I was young, I used to hang around the neighborhood hoping to have some fun.
Example: Feelings of guilt
Feelings of obsession
Making Decisions is the way the author uses
language and descriptions of a
character to portray him as a
certain type of person Example: Mrs. Flowers was
respectful, kind and giving. Problem between Character and society Ex. Problem between two characters Problem between character and nature Ex. trustworthy, honest, loyal, considerate, determined, responsible Third Person - the story is told by someone else Ex. When he was young he used to hang out around the neighborhood. 8.6 B Analyze Character Traits/
Qualities Indirect Characterization-
the author describes things a character says, does, thinks, feels, and what others say about him to portray him as a certain character. Resolution
is the outcome of a story; how the problem got resolved
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