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Mary Garcia - Lopez

on 2 December 2013

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Letters N - Z
N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer
By : Mark Twain

Letter A
Letter A is for Apple. Think of it as a sweet surprise to only get it when your work is done right. It is very rare and very special like cake. You must eat all or you will get smacked in the head. You must eat it all even the core. For you will get it once to enjoy.
Letter B is for Becky Thatcher. Becky is Toms new crush. His old crush was Amy Lawrence.
Letter B
Letter C is for Cave. Tom , Becky and other kids went to a cave. Tom and Becky separated from the other kids and got lost. They were in their for days until they found the way out.
Letter C
Letter D is for Dead Cat. Huckleberry Finn had a dead cat. He was going to cure warts with it at the cemetery at midnight with Tom.
Letter D
Letter E is for engaged. Tom and Becky got ''engaged''. But Tom by mistake said that he and Amy Lawrence were ''engaged'' as well. This made Becky really sad and mad and she started to cry.
Letter E
Letter F is for Fortnight. A fortnight is two week or 14 days. This book was over the course of 4 or 5 fortnights.
Letter F
A ,B ,C ,D ,E ,F ,G ,H ,I ,J ,K ,L ,M
Letter G is for games. Back then in the 1700s kids didn't have all the toys and things we have today. They made up games. One of the games the boys played was to get a dead rat and tie a string on it and swing it over their head.
Letter G
Letter H is for Huckleberry Finn. Huck is hated by most of the mothers and admired by the kids. He is wild and crazy. He drinks , smokes . and swears a lot. He goes on a lot of adventures with Tom.
Letter H
Letter I is for Injun Joe. Injun Joe is a killer he has killed the Doctor and most likely many other people. He died in a cave of hunger and need of water.
Letter I
Letter J is for Jim. Jim
is the Sawyers slave.
He doesn't talk properly because he is African. Also he doesn't go to school.Tom gave him his marble so that he can whitewash the fence.
Letter J
Letter L is for lunch time. Back then in the 1700s kids were allowed to go back home of lunch time. Which we are not allowed to do now.
Letter L
Letter K is for kite. Tom tricked one of the boys that were passing by. He was painting or whitewashing the fence he made it seem fun by pretending he was an artist. The boy gave him a kite for an opportunity to whitewash the fence.
Letter K
Letter M is for money. Tom and Huck found Injun Joe's money which was $12,000 Tom got $6,000 and Huck got $6,000. Both of their money was putted into the bank by the Widow Douglas and Aunt Polly.
Letter M
Letter V
Letter V is for vanquish. Vanquish means to defeat thoroughly. To like defeat someone at something.
Letter N is for night. One night Huck went to Toms house and start to meow to see if and was awake so that they can hang out. But Tom was pretending to be dead in Becky's garden. A neighbor threw a rock at Huck so he hove a brick though the window.
Letter N
Letter O is for opposites. Tom and Sid are opposites. Tom dosn't like school but Sid does. Sid likes to shower , be clean and shoes but Tom doesn't.
Letter O
Letter P is for pirate. Tom , Huck and Joe pretended to be pirates. They ran away on a raft on the Mississippi river. Everyone thought that they were dead. But on the day or their '' funeral'' they showed up.
Letter P
Letter Q is for quit. Aunt Polly finally gave up and quitted on Tom. After he did so many things to her and hurt her so many times. That she couldn't take it and told him to do what he wants.
Letter Q
Letter R
Letter R is for rebuke. Rebuke means to judge or criticism someone because of their behavior.
Letter S is for Sunday school. Tom hates Sunday school he has to shower and wear clean clothes and most of all he has to wear shoes.
Letter S
Letter T is for Tom Sawyer.Tom is the main character in this story he goes one a lot of adventures and gets in trouble a lot. Also he does some things he regrets.
Letter T
Letter U
Letter U is for upper row. Tom lost a tooth which Aunt Polly took out. The teeth he lost was in the upper row he could spit very far and every one admired him.
Letter W is for whitewash. Tom had to whitewash the fence on a Saturday so he tricked everyone who pasted by to pay him to do his worked he pretend to be a artist.
Letter W
Letter X is for x marks the spot. Tom and Huck go out treasure hunting. They were looking for treasure without a map. They were looking for treasure by what they believed in for example were their was a tree wit no shadow their would be treasure.
Letter X
Letter Y is for yaller ticket. Kids got tickets in Sunday school for remembering phrases from the Bible after they got all the tickets that were need they can get a bible for themselves.
Letter Y
Letter Z is for zeal. Zeal means having a strong interest of doing something or being determined to do something.
Letter Z
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