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Leadership Game

No description

Carly Rysdon

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Leadership Game

Julieann Orozco
Carly Rysdon

How to Play
Player Roles
Goal of the Game
First team to finish communicating the list of 10 words wins
One representative to draw first.
No verbal clues

No clues communicated with words written on the paper

No skipping ahead to different items
Send one person from your team to the facilitator.
That person gets a word that they must then run back to their group and draw a picture to represent that word without using verbal clues or any words.
other group members must guess what it is and once someone answers correctly that person runs to the facilitator to get the next word

One player to make sure all rules are followed
One player to guess
Any additional players become guessers.
Exercise non-verbal communication methods.
What Made it difficult?
What problems did you run into?
Did anyone in your team break the rules?
Did YOU follow the rules?
How well did your team work together to build off of each others guesses?
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