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The 2011 Phillips Family Holiday Prezi!

Please join us for a look back at 2011 and forward to 2012!

Steve Phillips

on 22 December 2012

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Transcript of The 2011 Phillips Family Holiday Prezi!

Just keep clicking that little arrow down there (bottom middle or bottom right) and it’ll keep you moving through our Xmas ‘Card’! Click 'more' down there and you can go full-screen. Put your curser by the right side of the frame, and you’ll be able to magnify and move things around. You can also 'grab and drag' the 'card' around, zoom in and out... you may find that we've lost some other junk here and there. There are a buncha old pics in with
the presents, and a few are nearly as old as me! Welcome To First, I want to apologise for this lazy rerun card.
Okay, that's out of the way.
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to Everyone! I hope this little Prezi finds you well and happy.
2011 has been a good year with good stuff happening all over the place. I've now been a 'Teen Services Librarian' for just about an entire year. I love it! I get to work with a lot of smart and funny folks. The whole dang staff is outstanding! Joan's job? We'll get to that soon enough, you betcha! Sawyer is doing great in school, and keeps very busy with mostly computer related stuff. He walks back and forth to school every day (two miles each way) with long-time friend Joelle. Sawyer is getting into the sport of rock-climbing, and Calder often takes him along on outings. It's great to have them doing fun stuff together.

Did I mention that he, like his bro, is a nice kid? Well, he is.
The 2011 Phillips Family Xmas Prezi! Another pic from our
Graeagle trip. You'll notice
there's an additional face.
Calder's friend Sara went
with us, and we all had
a great time. Really, does anyone know how to capture the spirit of Christmas better than Thomas Kinkade? Yes, this is our 2012 Prezi Xmas card. If you think you see a slight resemblance to our 2010 and 2011 Prezis, it's not just your imagination. (In which we pretty much just rip-off last year's (and the year before's) Prezi
'cause who's got time for this kind of thing?!?) BUT OF COURSE good stuff happened too. Our house renovations have continued, albeit slowly. We now have a giant retaining wall in our back yard. This will give us enough room to add on to the house, and I'm still working on the plans.
Joan would suggest
that I repeat the
word "slowly". Calder is doing great! He is still working very hard on schoolwork at Moorpark College, and now he's working at Trader Joe's part-time. He spends most of his free time rock climbing, usually with his girlfriend Sara, who has become like a member of the family. A very welcome one! Our addition to the house will be pretty extensive. We expect to add about 800 square feet, with a re-located kitchen, a dining area, a family room with a fantastic view, a laundry room, and a powder room. Things will also change within the existing house footprint, with a new bedroom and a smallish master suite. It has (and continues to be) a challenging design project, but it's getting there. Did I mention slowly? Joan says to say it again. Right after Christmas we're going to go up to the "Underhill Cabin" near Lake Tahoe. We haven't been there in years, and are really looking forward to it. Like the picture, we plan to have lots of fun with water, except it will be the frozen fluffy kind. Can't wait! The Glue, of course, would
be my beautiful wife, Joan.
She keeps this house, home,
and family together. The
men in this house are lucky
indeed. I'm not saying she's
sticky, but I'm stuck on her
like Christmas tree sap. Stand-up paddle boards are
generally meant for one
person. I'm not sure what
Sara's freaking out about. The Graeagle millpond at a quieter time of day This is a fairly accurate pic of Steve
at the beginnning of the holiday season. It had advanced to look like this!
Impressive, no? Our carefully
thought-out plan of not watering
anything had succeeded beautifully.
And you know, it takes years for a
driveway to attain this quality of patina. That house we bought? Well, here's what
it looked like when we bought it. Obviously
very much in need of a serious facelift.
And, in somewhat over a year... Wait- did I mention Joan's job?

Oh, boy.

Well, Joan's been at Amgen (the world's
largest biotech firm) for about six years,
supporting a VP (a great guy; Hi George!)
for the last six. In September she landed a position supporting the president and chief
operating officer, just one rung below the
CEO. The execs at that level have two
support people, and Joan got the job as
the number two person supporting him.
But wait...
On December 15 Amgen announced that the
long-time CEO would be retiring in May.
In short, Joan's boss will become the CEO, and Joan will be his #2 support person!

Holey Moley!!! Go, Joan!!!! The Fam! and now... So the guy says "we don't have any of the medium rigs in right now, but we can bring you one of the big ones"

Oh. Ummm... well....... okay? My munchkin wife. My oddly tall kid. Calder and Sara-
Happy Grads! Calder likes machines. I hope you have enjoyed our little Holiday Prezi. This is Joan signing off, thanks Steve for creating this wonderful card!
Peace and love to all. Creative
Kids! There are still some minor
details to be be completed,
like landscaping, for instance! A new tradition at the
Camarillo Library? The
teens had a great time
decorating 'gingerbread'
(graham cracker) houses.
My Teen Advisory Board
kids and I built identical
houses before the
decorating event. This big one was
raffled off at the
beginning of the
event. Calder spent another summer
teaching kids to sail. He expects
to do it again in 2013. Calder
on the
Erie Canal.
2001 Ken,Julie,Barbara,Susan,Gary
1954? The "Feet" aground. (Intentionally) Bahamas, 2002 Julia and her little friend. Julie, Susan, Gary
Barbara, Ken, Steve,
Liz. San Diego, 1960? Sawyer, 2002, Bahamas 2002 Bahamas Susan, happily sharing her
popsicle with her little
brother, Steve. L.A. 1954? Sailing kids from the Fidgity Feet,
Tell Me Something Good, Gilana, and
ummm... dang. Oh, well. Bahamas 2002 Joan and Sawyer,
La Crescenta, 1997? La Pitaya,Veracruz,Mexico,2001 Sailing kids from Fidgity Feet,
Tell Me Something Good, Gilana.
Bahamas, 2002 Sawyer and Calder,
checking out
a possible boat
to purchase.
Marina del Rey,
2000? Boat kids, 2002, Bahamas Calder Joan Sawyer
Bahamas 2002 Grampa and Sawyer
Mt.Washington,2000? Mike and the fam.
Bahamas 2002 Calder, Michigan, 2001 Calder,Bahamas? 2002? Bahamas,
2002 Bahamas,
2002 Pig, Big Major Cay, Exumas, Bahamas,2002 Calder labeling cans for provisioning.
Michigan, 2001 Sawyer and Megan
Miami, Florida, 2001 The 2012 Phillips Family Xmas Prezi! You're probably figuring out that I'm just recycling our old Prezi from 2010 and 2011. Or at least I'm trying to. It's not letting me edit everything, but I can put blue shapes over what I can't erase. the 2012 Phillips Family Prezi! We're REALLY looking forward to 2013, 'cause 2012 pretty much sucked! How to
Prezi: Wait! Did Steve say that 2012 sucked?!?
YES! Okay, not everything about 2012 sucked, but good grief. You want a list? Well, okay, but just a few highlights, or maybe 'lowlights' would be more apropos. Early in the year, when Joan was recovering from elbow surgery, a driver didn't see her in a crosswalk and she ended up with a fracture in the top of her tibia. Recovery seemed to take forever, and then her dad died. John lived a good long life and died gently, but still... So, Joan was the primary executor of John's estate, which is stressful, and then she got breast cancer. She's still tender from the lumpectomy, and radiation will start in mid January. Keep in mind that during all this she was and is married to me. A girl can't get a break.
Well, except for her leg.
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