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Jolie nail art

No description

reyditha romaya

on 25 January 2014

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Transcript of Jolie nail art

To introduce to the people that having good
nail art is not always expensive.
To provide innovative designs of nail art.
To give a reliable price for nail art below the market price.
To build customer royalty.
Accomplishment for entrepreneurship final projectIntroduce nail art to peopleHaving our own incomeTo explore our abilities and skills in social life
Economic Condition
If equipments price goes up (faceshop nail polish, konad, etc) the treatment price will automatically rise, this follows also for gas price (due to we meet by appointment)
Marketing Mix
Product : Jolie Nail Art Price :
Base + Top-coat only Rp 15,000,-Base + Pattern + Top-coat Rp 20,000,-Base + Design + Top-coat Rp 25,000,-Base + Top-coat + Conad Pattern Rp 30,000,-Place : Binus University AreaPromotion : April Promo (First month launching) , Buy 4 get 1 free (purchasing in April)
•OPI Nail Art
•Saloon Nail art (Johnny Andrean, Rudy Hardisuwarno)
•Nail Pia
•Blossom Nails
•Sassi Beauty Nails
•The Nail Shop
•Olive Nail Art
•Meji Mejiku
•Nail Gel
•Dyta Nail Art•Pretigiouz Nails
•Nail Polish Store (Revlon, faceshop, etude, etc)
•Saloon (no nail-art)
•Massage (Bersih Sehat, Foot, Fish Spa, etc)
•Nail Spa
▪ Segmentation
Geography : West Jakarta
Demography :
Gender : Women’s
Age : 13 – 35 years old
▪ Targeting
- Binus University Area
▪ Positioning
- Approach a brand recognition of a creative
nail art with a suitable price and a good quality , also friendly. Treatment by appointment.
Segmentation. Targeting. Positioning
Distribution Channel
▪ Brochures
▪ Posters
▪ Broadcast Message from BBM (Blackberry
▪ Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter,
Bimay, Whatsapp, Instagram, Path)
▪ Direct Selling (Mouth to mouth).
Production Techniques
1. Equipment Search
2.Design Search
3. Training
4. Nail Art Process
Supply Stock
Marketing plan
Marketing strategy : E-Business
Promotional plan : bbm, stamp card
Advertising : BTL - (bbm)
Breakeven Point
Our income in the first two months has reach half of our first capital (Rp 635.000,-), based on our balance sheet and our income statement we have refund our capital in the first 4 months.
Balance Sheet
First capital 5 person @Rp 200.000,- Rp 1.000.000,-

Any payment done by us in order to buy the equipment (nail polish, konad art plate, nail polish remover, tissue, cotton, cotton buds, etc) for the first time, includes in the Rp 200.000,- / person share.
Jolie Nail Art have no debt, because our first capital comes from our own share.
Jolie Nail Art
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