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Wikis: what, when, why, & how?

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Philip Kendall

on 29 July 2010

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Transcript of Wikis: what, when, why, & how?

wiki! what is a wiki? what? why? when? why and when should i use one? how? how do i make one? let's make a wiki (wi·ki) - a website that allows
collaborative editing of its content
and structure by its users http://oxforddictionaries.com "wiki" is the Hawaiian
word for "fast" "Wikis in Plain English" Rhea Escudero (NTL13) - Library wiki
http://www.mdmalibrary.wetpaint.com Examples http://www.wikipedia.org NTL12 Music Cohort
http://bit.ly/ntlmusic Middle School Science Wiki
http://bergmannscience.wikispaces.com/ Use a wiki to... Post & Organize Collaborate & Discuss Document, Track,
Record, Portfolio Brainstorm Uh-Oh.
(drawbacks, legal stuff, monitoring...) What project or task in your classroom could be enhanced by using a wiki? start simple choose a hosting website http://sites.google.com Google Sites Wikispaces http://www.wikispaces.com/site/for/teachers Wetpaint (ask Rhea) http://www.wetpaint.com follow along:
http://bit.ly/NTLwiki New something
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