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Informative Speech


Maria Valencia

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of Informative Speech

Bullying is a well-known & serious problem that can happen everywhere.

Its not a chapter children have to go through, it is NOT “just messing around”, & it is not something to grow out of.

Bullying can cause severe and lasting impairment.
A child may be a victim
of cyberbullying
if he or she:
A child may be cyberbullying others if he or she:
Story of Megan Meier
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Use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.
Types of Bullying
unexpectedly stops using the computer
appears nervous or jumpy when an Instant Message, text message, or Email appears
appears uneasy about going to school or outside in general
appears to be angry, depressed, or frustrated after using the computer
avoids discussions about what they are doing on the computer
becomes abnormally withdrawn from usual friends and family members.
Quickly switches screens or closes programs when you walk by.
Uses the computer at all hours of the night.
Gets unusually upset if he or she cannot use the computer.
Avoids discussions about what they are doing on the computer.
Uses multiple online accounts or using an account that is not their own.
Why does bullying occur?
It makes bullies feel powerful and in charge.
Bullies may see it as being popular.
Megan Meier was a victim of cyberbullying on MySpace.
She was only 13 years old when she committed suicide.

Imbalance of Power
Intent to harm
Although definitions of bullying vary, a large amount agrees that bullying involves:
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