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3D technology

No description

toto aiman

on 1 July 2012

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Transcript of 3D technology

3D technology
Left eye see a picture and
the right eye see a slightly
different picture. 3D Technology 3D Time * Video games
* Sport
* Movie
* camera
* Laptop
* Cell Phone
* Nintendo OutLine View slide shows in 3D. View Master * used many years ago On picture will display in blue and other in the red * Advantage & disadvantage easy and cheaper U only see blue and red image Anagleph red\blue more modern choice for cheap 3D
more modern choice for cheap 3D allow color viewing How does it work?! used in most of today of 3D theaters used at home there is a battery in it how does it work?? 3D active shutter‏ Polarizing‏ 3-D Viewing Use technique call stereopsis The image look double without 3D glasses 3D glasses job separating images In Education Better and faster comprehension Higher retention Immersive, Interactive & Motivating Flexibility Done By: Toqa Aiman Fetoun Al-Zahrani Manar Al-Zahrani Thank you for Listening 3D in OUR Real WORLD These environments enable a wide variety of options for
It open the possibility to improved educational results, and
allow the use of teaching strategies not available without the technology 3D virtual worlds can be used to support distance learning and teaching in
an interactive way. 3D entertainment 3D Movies 3D Games The mantra in 3D gaming is “Engross yourself”. To achieve this, we must remove the gap between the virtual gaming and the real world; and some top companies like Microsoft, Apple, Sony etc are trying to make a difference in the gaming world. Kodu is a new visual programming language made specifically for creating 3D games. It is designed to be accessible for children and enjoyable for anyone. The programming environment runs on the Xbox, allowing
rapid design iteration using only a game controller for input. 3D Printing 3D printing has started to become extremely popular with people who need to create accurate 3D models quickly and cheaply Product designers, can use 3D printers to quickly produce models allowing them to easily test look and feel of concept designs in real world situations. Architects can easily create precision scale models of buildings, rather than spending days building them by hand. vehicle manufacturers can develop and tweak new car designs quicker and cheaper than ever before. Consumer websites, such as 3D Creation Lab , already exist; allowing customers to design their own 3D models online, get them ‘printed’ and have them posted directly to you. *Printer produces personalised 3D chocolate*

A 3D printer that uses chocolate has been developed by University of Exeter researchers and it prints layers of chocolate instead of ink or plastic. Besides producing 3D chocolate, Dr Hao's team wants to go a step further - and take their printer into cyberspace.

He said that "Now we have an opportunity to combine chocolate with digital technology, including the design, digital manufacturing and social networking. Avatar is science fiction film directed by James Cameron, who is the director of the film Titanic. 3D in Education Engage Students
Focus attention
Improve learning some teacher feedback: “An engaging and attractive introduction to new material.”

“An accessible, yet powerful, way to convey difficult or abstract concepts.”

“A way to help students understand how complex systems work.”

“A technique to address common or prior misconceptions.”

“An effective way to review material that was previously taught.”

“A way to assess student learning after traditional delivery of classroom content.” Some student feedback: “It provided a better visualization than the textbook.”

“You can see it deeper ... I don’t know how to say it ... almost from within.”

“Using 3D has helped me look at what we are learning in a different way. It almost makes it look real—it’s fascinating...”

“The information sticks with me a lot more.”

“3D really helps me learn and visualize complex structures and processes.”

“I love seeing what is actually going on." The Abbey School is the first in the world to be using 3d technology in the class room 3D in Medical Three-dimensional ultrasound Computed Tomography Mdical technique uses X-rays and computer to create three-dimensional images of the human body 3D ultrasound is a medical ultrasound technique, 3D4Medical.com Thank you for Listening Great thanks and appreciations Toqa Aiman
Manar Al-Zahrani
Fetoun Al-Zahrani Done By: 5 Ways to achieve 3D images. 3D in Education and Medica feild. 3D entertainment . 3D Printers .
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