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Individualism in Edward Scissorhands

By Gloria Huang

Gloria Huang

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Individualism in Edward Scissorhands

8SP1 English 2013 Edward Scissorhands Individualism in Edward Scissorhands and our society By Gloria Huang I believe that people nowadays are less like individuals and now more like a whole group of conformed people. Our society is now so conformed by models, actors that a teenager said

I got sick and tired of seeing people not being themselves and seeing people try to be other people. It is pathetic.

If someone who is most open to conformity says that, it means that it's really too strong. A Global Take on Individuality So far, we've seen who is an individual in Edward Scissorhands. What happens if we apply this to our everyday society? A person who is the opposite of an individual is Joyce. Joyce, Helen, Marge and the rest of the gang What is Individuality? Thesis Statement Our Society RECAP Individuality means the quality or character of a person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind. But what has individualism Got to do with Edward Scissorhands? Maybe a lot, but maybe not that much in other cases. An obvious example of individualism is Edward Scissorhands, the protagonist. He is different. Only because of one thing: He is unfinished. Another example of an individual is Peg, the Avon lady, and Kim's mother. She is the only one of the people in Suburbia who still stood up for Edward after the arrest. She is an individual for one particular reason: She was the only person who considered going up to the Gothic mansion. Another example of an individual is Esmeralda. She is an individual because she is the only one who wasn't charmed by Edward. She, along with the rest of Suburbia are so conformed there is no individuality. sometimes don't play fair. One second they are loving Edward The other, they could rebel against him. They change and form as a whole group, and that makes them a conformed society, not an individual society. Why is individuality so important? Maybe it's the reason that people want to become a person that stands out, not a person that goes with the flow. Or maybe because it's human nature that we all want to be different. Although we like to think of ourselves as individuals, almost 99% of our DNA is the same. When we use the term ‘individuality’, we mean by the way we look, dress, our race, hair colour and skin colour.
A global take on individuality might mean that everyone is different even if 99% of our DNA is the same. And remember... we are small fish in a big ocean. An Example of an Individual Sheldon Cooper is an example of an individual because he is different to everyone Film Techniques A film technique that explored individuality was the dolly. It moved whenever Edward moved at the barbeque.
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