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Ireland in the Twentieth Century Quiz

No description

Ms. Mc Caffrey

on 30 September 2017

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Transcript of Ireland in the Twentieth Century Quiz

Ireland in the Twentieth Century Quiz
Question 1
1) In 1900 Ireland was ruled directly from Westminster in Britain. This had been the case since the .........................
Question 3
Name the two types of party in Ireland at the time.
Question 5
What did a Unionist want?
What did a Nationalist want?
Question 8
Who led the Sinn Fein party in 1905?
Question 11
Why did Unionists oppose Home Rule?
Learning Intention
Recap Ireland in the early twentieth century.
Locate the revision notes on Sharepoint
Take 10 minutes to read through the material
You can do it individually or communicate to the group a strategy for revising.
Question 2
2) Lord Lieutenant or Viceroy represented the...................

Chief Secretary represented the...........
Question 4
What was a constitutional nationalist?
Question 6
Who led the Home Rule Party?
Question 7
What was Home Rule?
Question 9
Griffith believed in parliamentary abstention, what was it?
Question 10
Who led the Unionist party?
Question 12
Briefly describe the Home Rule Crisis 1912-1914. Mention the Parliament Act.
Question 13
Describe the different forms of Unionist opposition to Home Rule
Question 14
Name the two groups which represented military resistance at this time.
Question 15
What happened to the Irish Volunteers when WW1 broke out?
Question 16
Who organised the 1916 Rising?
Question 17
How did the plans for the rising go wrong?
Question 18
What were the results of the Rising?
Question 19
What were Sinn Fein's aims after the 1919 general election?
Question 20
Who replaced Griffith as leader of the Sinn Fein party?
Question 21
What two things did nationalists do between 1919-1921 to achieve independence?
Question 22
What happened on the first day the Dail met in Dublin on 21 January 1919.
Question 23
What did the Irish Volunteers change their name to at this time?
Question 24
What tactics did they use against the British in the War of Independence? What were flying columns?
Question 25
How did the British respond? What were the Black and Tans and the Auxilaries?
Question 26
Name and describe a major incident in the War of Independence.
Question 27
Why did both sides reach a truce in the War of Independence?
Name the treaty that was signed after the War of Independence.
Question 28
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