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Mary S. Young Park

No description

Nico Hackenjos

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of Mary S. Young Park

Mary S. Young Park
My Personal Experience
Where is Mary S. Young?
Mary S. Young is located in West Linn Oregon. The entrance that vehicles can enter is along highway 43. There are many places to dock on the Willamette river. There is also a entrance on Mark Lane. There is also a entrance on Mark Lane and Munger Rd.
Mary S. Young History
"The property was given to the state for park purposes by Thomas E. Young and his wife, Mary S. Young, in various increments between 1963 and 1970. It was named in honor of Mrs. Young in a dedication ceremony on August 7, 1973."
Interesting facts about Mary S. Young
Mary S. Young has multiple hiking and biking trails, beeches, islands, and boating docks along the Willamette.
Mary S. Young has always been a place were me and my friends can just hang out. I've swam at its beeches. Me and my families have boated down the river.
I've had a lot of amazing times there.
"marys.youngstaterecreationarea,"www.oregonstateparks.org,oregonparks and recreationdepartment.2014copyright,web,12/15/14
Thanks For Watching!!!
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